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Q: Why should seeds be removed from cotton balls?
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Are cotton balls from the plant the same as store cotton balls?

Cotton comes from plants and is formed into balls after processing. The cotton boll that contains the cotton lint also contains seeds, which are removed as part of the processing steps.

What does a cotton machine do?

it removed seeds from the cotton pieces

What machine removed the cotton seeds from the cotton fiber quickly and easily?

Cotton Gin.

What is deseeding of cotton balls called?

A cotton gin separates cotton fibres from their seeds, and the process is known as ginning.

What is a machine that removed seeds from cotton fibers?

The Cotton Gin, invented by Eli Whitney.

What machine removed seeds from cotton and changed plantation agriculture in the southern US?

the cotton gin

What was the cotton gin?

A machine that removed seeds from cotton (APEX)

Why were seeds removed from raw cotton?

they damage the quality of the end product.

In what way did the cotton gin contribute to the dramatic rise in production?

It quickly and efficiently removed the seeds from cotton.

What was eil whinteny famous?

He invented the cotton gin, (which has nothing to do with the alcoholic drink 'gin', by the way), which removed seeds from cotton plants very fast. Before the cotton gin was invented, seeds had to be removed from cotton by hand, a very slow process. The cotton gin made cotton a valuable product to grow and sell.

What device developed by Eli Whitney that removed seeds from the cotton fibers allowing for quicker production of cotton?

that was called the cotton gin

How is a cotton plant turned into fabric?

Cotton plants bloom when they mature, just as other plants and flowers do, usually in early fall. The bloom on the cotton plant looks pretty much like the cotton balls you buy for applying cosmetics, antiseptics, etc. But at the time the cotton is harvested, the cotton has seeds in it, which have to be removed. This is done at a cotton gin, a process commonly known as "cotton ginning". The cotton is then spun into a fine thread, then woven into fabric, much like other types of fabrics (silk, wool, etc.). The cotton seeds that are removed from the cotton blooms are also used. They are processed into oil, which has a number of uses.