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because no one knows what FCAT means.

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Q: Why should the FCAT should be ban?
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What is the password to fcat explorer?

Your teacher should have given it to you

Which test should a person prepare for when planning to pursue a legal career?


If you passed the fcat can you retake it?

No. If you failed the FCAT you can't retake it.

I need to do a 3 paged report on why i should pass the fcat exams in middle school instead of waiting until high school to pass HELP ME the question is why should i pass the fcat exam?

so you can go to high school

How do you get every question right in fcat explorer?

How to beat fcat explorer

How old is the fcat?

The fcat test is 50 years old as of 2012

What ages take FCAT?

Grades three through eleven take the FCAT.

How to pass the fcat?

To pass the FCAT, you should always be sure to know about the dates and times in order to avoid being late. Revising or going over the curriculum to refresh your memory can also help you get prepared.

What happen if you fail in fcat?

You may have a chance to take the other two FCAT tests to pass.

How well did alachua do on fcat writing?

they are bringing the scores up so we did well on Fcat writing

What happends if you pass the writing fcat but failed the reading fcat?

You move into a special E.D class

Does other states besides Florida take the FCAT?

no, they dont take "FCAT" because we are the only florida state. however they do take other comprehensive test similar to the FCAT but with another name