Why should the US fund nasa?

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To explore space, the last frontier. Of course, nowadays we as a country don't care about national honor very much, so it won't matter to most if we aren't the ones to discover new planets, galaxies, and possibly even life forms or habitable planets.

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Q: Why should the US fund nasa?
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Why do they fund NASA's spinoffs?

They don't. NASA invents them for space. We do not fund spinoffs

Should the US fund solar power?

They're already starting to fund research in the field.

Did the US Congress fund the Space Race?

{| |- | Yes, Congress funded the US participation. NASA is a government funded agency. The government saw the value in the scientific achievements that could result from such activities. |}

Is the government going to fund NASA any more?

NASA is an entity of the government, and therefore is solely funded by it. NASA is not being shut down, but its funding will probably be cut.

Why nasa stop landing on the moon?

because there was not enough money to fund it all

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What is the best aironotics company in the US?

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Did NASA fund Sony research for tape recorders to use in Apollo space program?

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What has NASA given us?

NASA technology has given us phones, GPS's and laptops from the satillite that is in space.

Were there any other countries involved in the NASA Voyager mission?

No - NASA paid for the construction and launches of both Voyager probes, and continues to fund the missions as they make their way out of the solar system into interstellar space.

What is the entrance exam of NASA?

There is no such entrance taken by NASA.It needs a continuous assessment of its applicants.So those who want to join it they should keep on working on its projects as well as you have to be a US citizen to be a permanent employee at NASA.

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The EPA and NASA were formed as?

The EPA and NASA were formed as executive agencies for the US government.

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What was NASA not telling us about the moon landing?

NASA has made all the Apollo information available.

Is NASA the US government's only space agency?

NASA is the only US governmental space agency. Private companies do exist but the aren't governmental.

What was the act called that made NASA a reality?

On October the 1st 1958, The US Congress Creates NASA (National Aeronautical and Space Administration) by the NASA act.

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Who ones NASA?

US Government...

Where is NASA located at in the us?

NASA headquarters is located in Washington, D.C.

What are the negatives of NASA?

Nasa spends several billions of dollars of tax payers money. But if NASA were allowed to patent the things it invents and passes on to the world, they could fund themselves. I have seen an estimate that for every dollar spent on NASA, seven dollars are generated by tech spinoff. I guess any job that entails risk to human life could be called a "negative", but there have to be pioneers and some of them die.

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