Why should you care in biotechnology?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Why should you care in biotechnology?
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What are career prospects after engineering in Biotechnology?

they are fantastic... you should pursue it. the next 'boom' is going to be in biotechnology.

Where should a biotechnology industry located?

it is located in potty

Should you study medicine or biotechnology?

If it's in your interest, then absolutely.

Should biotechnology be used to alter and enhance humans?

Some believe using biotechnology to alter humans is good, while others believe it is not. My view is that it should not be used to alter and enhance humans.

What is considered biotechnology?

biotechnology is in steak

What does biotechnology have to do with prosthetics?

what does biotechnology have to with prosthetics?

What is the motto of Biotechnology Society of Nepal?

Biotechnology Society of Nepal's motto is 'Solidarity for the Development of Biotechnology'.

What are the basic technique in biotechnology and nano biotechnology?


Who is the father of biotechnology?

The father of biotechnology is Louis Pasteur. The father of the term biotechnology is Karl Ereky.

Can a person get into brain related research after doing biotechnology if not then what should one do?

no a person cannot if they want to they should go to collage

What is the difference between industrial biotechnology and biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the use of cells or products of these cells for the service of human. while industrial biotechnology deals with the production of these products on industrial level.

When was New Biotechnology created?

New Biotechnology was created in 1984.