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For professional expertise, can work flxeibly in different environments. It pays to be able to use multiple OS. It all depends what you mean by "study". If you mean at university level, the only reasons are either, because you intend to write one, or out of pure interest.

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Q: Why should you want to study operating systems?
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Which university course should you take if you want to develop an operating system?

A good course to take if you want to develop an operating system is a course in "Operating Systems".

What high school courses are needed to eventually design your own operating system?

If you want to design your own operating system, you will probably design it using C++. Therefore, you should study ++. You should also study Algebra and other math courses so you know how math works. You should study computer programing. You should study Linux so you know how an Operating system works.

What is the current versions operating systems for Linux?

You need to include the names of the Operating Systems if you want a answer, because there are hundreds of different Linux variations.

What is tha advantage for an operating system of using a virtual machine?

An advantage of using a virtual machine is you can run multiple operating systems under the umbrella of one operating system. Without a virtual machine you have to reboot every time you want to want to change operating systems but with a VM you can simply switch between them.

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What education is needed to be a Computer Operating System Developer?

You would need to become a software engineer I would think and if you wanted to work on operating systems, there are few choices between Microsoft, Apple and IBM systems. these are the companies that develop operating systems. Other companies develop applications for people to use which are not the same thing as operating systems. In that case you would need to be a programmer if you want to develop applications.

Where you Uses java?

Mostly when you want an application to be runnable off multiple operating systems, or in an internet browser.

Is elementary education is a field of study?

Yes. If you want to be a teacher this is what you should study.

How you can instill 2 systems on computer?

To install two separate operating systems you will have to create separate partions on the hard disk. You then install each operating system in it's own partion and use a boot loader such as GRUB to select which system you want to boot, some operating systems might include their own boot loader during the installation.

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You should study astrophysics, string theory, and particularly cosmology.

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What is system calls?

In computing, a system call is the mechanism used by an application program to request service from the operating system. Operating systems contain sets of routines for performing various low-level operations. For example, all operating systems have a routine for creating a directory. If you want to execute an operating system routine from a program, request to the system call is required to be generated.

Can you install 2 operating systems on one PC?

Yes you can. You would need to create separate partitions for each operating system - installing each operating system into its own partition. When you switch on the computer, it will show a menu allowing you to choose which operating system you want to start.

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What are pros and cons of GUI in Operating systems?

Some pros and cons of GUI in operating system are: Pros: -Easy to learn -Harder to make mistakes Cons: -Slower if you know what you want done

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