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Q: Why should you wipe condensation off the container when the melting ice?
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Why should you wipe the condensation off the container in the melting ice lab?

so you can see inside the bottle

How would you use the word condensation in a sentence?

I'm going to wipe the condensation off of the window.

When should a child be able to wipe?

when they can put the hand down their a$$ and wipe their sh1t

What way should you wipe when crapping?

You wipe? I usually just take a shower

should i wipe after i let out the choclate?


How do you get rid of a chemical smell in fridge and ice maker?

Wash out the refrigerator thoroughly. Wipe out with a baking soda/water solution. Then, place a container of coffee grounds in the closed refrigerator for a few days. That should remove/reduce the odor.

What is the reason for a new parent to purchase a wipe warmer?

A new parent should purchase a wipe warmer to help with the babies' crying. The wipe warmer warms the wipe, so the baby will not cry because of the coldness.

Does a microwave heat disinfect itself?

I think it kilss some of it but U really should wipe it out with a disinfectent wipe!

How do you get rid of coffee odor from a container?

Bicarbonate of Soda absorbs smells, liberally dust the inside of your container with bicarb and leave for a day or two then wipe it clean, if the odour is very strong you may need to repeat this action.

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In the bathroom? Or when no one's around.

Do pieces of dry ice become smaller through condensation?

No, dry ice pieces do not become smaller through condensation. Rather they become smaller through sublimation, the physical change of matter from a solid phase to a gaseous phase. Condensation is the physical change of matter from a gaseous phase to a liquid phase, such as when you blow on your eyeglasses to fog them up so you can wipe them clean. Since dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, it cannot undergo condensation.

Is it okay to just fog and wipe a lens?

So long as you don't wipe it with anything that will scratch it up you should not worry.