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Q: Why shouldn't people have their privacy invaded for no reason?
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Why did hitler kept his mustache what was the reason behind it?

Why shouldnt he have kept his moustache.

Why do talyor swift don't want us to know if she has a boyfriend or not?

When you are a celebrity, your privacy is invaded all the time. When dating is involved there is lots of gossip and people begin saying things that aren't even true. Often times for this reason, celebrity's including Taylor Swift don't want people to know who they are dating.

Can boys marry senior girls?

YES THEY CAN theres no reason why they shouldnt if they love them then YES THEY CAN!!!!!!

Can you pull your nipples?

First of all, yes Second of all, why would you Lastly, you shouldnt theres no reason

Why you should not use phones in public?

there is NO reason at all why you shouldnt! but to be on the safe side DONT EVER use those phones!

What is the main reason Great Britain has not been successfully invaded since the Norman Conquest of 1066?

what is the main reason great Britain has not been successfully invaded since the Norman Conquest of 1066

What reason did nz choose to support Britain in ww1?

because they were invaded

Which amendment protects the people's privacy?

Amendment 4 protects the people's privacy by not allowing anyone to search and take any of the person's items unless they have a warrant which is signed and states the reason for anyone to search your home and/or take something. Source: the Bill of Rights, Amendments 1 - 10.

What was 1 reason World War 2 started?

Germany invaded Poland

What is one reason North Korea invaded South Korea?

to reunify the country

What would be the real reason US invaded Cuba?

In support of Cuban independence.

What happened to Poland in September of 1939?

on September 1st, 1939, Poland was invaded by Nazi, and that's the reason of why WW2 started.