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Q: Why silica is harmful in nuclear reactor?
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What is the Japanese Nuclear Reactor?

A Nuclear Reactor.

What are some of the dangers inherent in a nuclear reactor?

There are a few dangers that are inherent in a nuclear reactor. The major danger inherent in a nuclear reactor is the effects of radiation. Radiation poisoning can be extremely deadly and harmful. Other inherent dangers include radioactive waste and the potential catastrophic damage of an accident such as at Chernobyl.

What is artificial nuclear reactor?

An artificial nuclear reactor is a nuclear reactor that is created by man to utilize a nuclear reaction for energy, as opposed to natural nuclear reactors.

What is nuclear reactor kinetics?

Nuclear reactor kinetics is the branch of reactor engineering and reactor physics and control that deals with long term time changes in reactor fuel and nuclear reactors.

Does South Africa has a nuclear reactor?

yes, south Africa has a nuclear reactor.

How does nuclear reactor works to produce electricity?

how electricity is produced in a nuclear reactor

What is the difference between nuclear reactor and nuclearpower plant?

a nuclear reactor converts binding energy into heat. a nuclear power plant uses a nuclear reactor to generate electricity.

What is the function of a nuclear reactor of a nuclear plant?

simply, the nuclear reactor is the source of heat (or steam) for the nuclear power plant.

What is a reactor used for in welders?

Not a nuclear reactor!

What is a Nuclear reactor moisture separator?

This is used in the nuclear reactor that is known as Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) in which heat produced by the nuclear fission in the nuclear fuel allows the light water reactor coolant to boil. Then, the nuclear reactor moisture separator is used to increase the dryness of the produced steam before it goes to the reactor steam turbines.

Do Breeder reactor and nuclear reactor have similarities?

A breeder reactor is one type of nuclear reactor, but not a type that is in general commercial use at the present time

Block diagram of a nuclear power station?

The heart of a nuclear power plant is the nuclear reactor.