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The psychology and reasoning behind conspiracy theories is a subject unto itself. In the case of Apollo, some of it is ignorance of the preponderance of data out there, some of it is mistrust of anything the government is involved in, some is incredulity of a massively complex project, some of it is merely believing the things written on conspiracy websites. People have their reasons for their beliefs, that doesn't mean their beliefs have anything to do with reality though.

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Q: Why some people think that moon landing was fake?
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1969 spacecraft that landed on the moon?

30% of people today think that moon landing is fake.

Why did NASA fake the Apollo landing?

N.A.S.A did not fake the moon landing at all.

Why do some people think the moon landing was a fake?

These people have no vision for these things. They thing is the flag is the cause of doubt, but the pictures are very real indeed.

Why did they do a fake moon landing?

There have never been any "fake" moon landings.

What are the moon landings?

The moon landing means when a rocket carrying people landed on the moon. The year of the first moon landing was in 1969 on Apollo 11 (the mission). Some people think that the moon landings were faked and some think they were true (like me) My reply back to the people who think it is fake is that how could they make the moon walk look true? Scientists tested it and they COULDN'T fake the moon walk. Also how would you get the milky way, universe, stars and the galaxy to look EXACTLY like it in space? My opinion is that they are true and that you just wouldn't fake something as major as THAT. Hope you find this useful!

Quotion that the moon landing is fake?

The Apollo 11 moon flight and moon landing was never ever faked.

Why did the US fake the moon landing?

The moon landing was real. That it was otherwise has been an urban legend for years.

Is the moon landing a fake news story?

No, the moon landing was not faked.

Is this is a fake that some people visited moon?

It is not fake that people have visited the moon. Have you ever heard of Neil Armstrong? He is famous for this task you think is fake!

Were the landing pictures from Apollo 11 fake?

No, the moon landing photos were real.

Was it real or fake going to the moon?

The Apollo moon landing in 1969 was real.

What is the central conflict in freak the might?

its basically a fake moon landing