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i dont know why it floats i think because its more soda in it and the can i lighter and coke is heavier

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It floats because it is less dense (it has a lower specific gravity) than water.

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The general rule is that objects that are less dense than the liquid on which they are placed will float on that liquid.

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Cause water is denser than it

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Q: Why the Diet Coke floats?
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Why does regular coke sink but Diet Coke floats?

Diet coke is less dense than regular coke.

Why is the density of Diet Coke 1 and it still floats?

Simple, the density of diet coke is not 1. Otherwise it won't float.

Is it only Diet Coke that floats?

yes, because coca cola is a lot more dense than diet coke because it has so less chemicals than diet coke

Do cans float?

The Diet Coke can floats because the sugar they put in regular Coke has been substituted by a lighter (less dense) substance (a healthier type of sweetness). The sugar is much denser that the artificial sweetener, so the Coke sinks and the Diet Coke floats.

Does coke or diet coke float?

Diet coke floats because Floating occurs because floating objects displace, or push aside, a certain amount of liquid. If an object displaces more than its weight in liquid, it floats; otherwise it sinks. Density (the mass per unit of volume) determines how much liquid is displaced. Density is usually compared to water, which is assigned a density of 1. Materials sink if (like regular Coke) they are more dense than water, while less-dense materials, like Diet Coke, float.

Does Coca-Cola weigh more than Diet Coke?

Because it is less dense because of the different type and amount of sweetener in the Diet Coke. Sugar in a water solution creates a more dense liquid than does an artificial sweetener when the same degree of sweetness is acquired. Diet Coke floats while regular Coca-Cola sinks!

Which is darker coke or Diet Coke?

Diet Coke is darker.

What acids are there in Diet Coke?

diet coke has acid in it just less than coke diet coke does not have sugar either which coke and coke zero has

Which is better Diet Coke or coke what ingredients does Diet Coke have and coke has?

diet coke doesn't have any calories so that means that there is no sugar in it which gives it the diet taste, so coke has sugar. so dose coke zero!

What is better for the coke and Mentos experiment Diet Coke or Full-Fat Coke?

Diet Coke

What has more aspartame diet Pepsi or diet coke?

diet coke

Witch explodes faster with mentos in it Diet Coke or reguler coke?

diet coke the ingredients they put in with the diet coke reacts faster then regular coke.