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It's his family name- his first name is never reviled. In the book be calls his family, the whole Once-ler family, and they all go by the name "Once-ler".

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Q: Why the Once-ler is called a Once-ler?
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What is a onceler?

The Onceler is the principle villain from Dr. Seuss' the Lorax.

What rhymes with ler?


Who is the voice of the onceler in The Lorax?

Ed Helms

What technology did the onceler invent to increase the production of thneeds?

The technology that the Once-ler created was called a Super-Axe-Hacker.

What kind of person is the Once-ler?

The onceler is wasteful and non-sustainable.

Why did the Onceler's business fail in The Lorax?

Because there were no more truffula trees in the valley

What is the climax in The Lorax?

The rising action is that Ted wanted more story from the onceler

What did the once-ler represent?

The onceler represents greed and society growing way too fast.

Why wont the once-ler listen to The Lorax?

the onceler wants to take money;he doesn't care about the environment and what the Lorax says

Truffula trees and brown bar-ba-loots are found in what Seuss book?

The loraxthe truffula trees and brown bar-ba-loots are found in the book "The Lorax"they also made a movie about it and in that movie you will also fined a kid that had a crush on a girl and told him about trees and she said if a boy brought me a tree i would marry him on the spot so he went to go find her a tree. but he did not no where so he asked his grandma for help and she said go to the Onceler. so he did. the oncerler told him a story about him. that he had met "Humming Fish, Bar-ba-loots,Swomee Swans, and one of the most important the Lorax. you might be wondering..... what is a Lorax well i tell you he speaks for the 0f the most important trees .truffula trees. the touch of there tufted was softer then silk and they had a sweet smell like butterfly milk. and the onceler met the lorax by cutting down one tree to make a thneed and he got mad. so they made a promiss to each-other the onceler promissed the Lorax he would not cut down anymore trees. until he say someone wanted his thneed and he called his family and they cut down every tree and made all the thneeds all his family left because there where no more trees so they left. and all the animals left because there was nothing else. and so did the the onceler gave the boy the seed for the tree and he planted it and it growed all over town even where the onceler lives. then when the onceler was watering the trees all the animals where coming back. Especially the Lorax.

What happens to the onceler when there are no more truffula trees?

he can't make anymore thneeds* and then his whole family left and he had to live in the treeless, animalless, polluted environment by himself

How did the onceler in The Lorax pollute the air?

If you're referring the the environmental decline in the book, it was because when he was making thneed's, he chopped down trees which make oxygen, and then the factories then polluted the air. The extra products of working a factor made sludge and toxic items that were carelessly dumped, creating a decline.