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To show respect and reverence to the child king, those that could afford it, being the Magi, gave the most precious of their possessions, which was gold. They humbled themselves before the child born in Bethleham, giving the best that they had to give.

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Because of his royal nature as king of kings. Because He was a King He was in the lineage of David, therefore a rightful king in earthly terms.

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Q: Why the gift of gold for Jesus?
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What are their gift to Jesus?

Gold Frankincense Myrrh

Who give gold to jesus?

One of the three wise men gave Jesus the gold as a gift, his name is not mentioned in the bible.

Who gave gift of gold to baby Jesus?

By one of the wise men.

Which of the following was not a gift from a magi diamonds gold or myrrh?

the magi gave Jesus gold, myrrh, and they did not give Jesus diamonds

What gift did the three kings get Jesus Christ for his birth?

Gold, frankincense and myrrh

Who allegedly brought gold to baby jesus?

The bible does not mention their names or which gift they gave.

Which of the 3 wise men is said to have brought the gift of gold to the infant jesus?

The bible does not mention it.

What was the symbol of each gift that the king bring to baby Jesus?

Gold - KingshipFrankincense - DeathMyrrh - Death

When was A Gift for Jesus created?

A Gift for Jesus was created in 1963.

How many pages does A Gift for Jesus have?

A Gift for Jesus has 24 pages.

Which of the wise man was said to have brought the gift of gold for the baby jesus?

The Bible does not name the wisemen nor say how many of them there are.

Which wise man bought the gift of gold to Jesus?

One or all as the Scripture does not mention the number or names of the Wise Men (Magi).