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Q: Why the piccolo have a highest pitch?
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What has the highest pitch out of the flute and piccolo and alto flute?

The piccolo has the highest pitch, then the standard flute, and then alto.

What instruments has the highest pitch?

i play the piccolo and it is a know fact that piccolo has the highest pitch out of any instrument/

What woodwind instrument produces highest pitch?

The Bassoon can play a wider range than the clarinet

Which instrument produces the highest pitch of all woodwing instruments?

The piccolo is the highest pitched instrument in the woodwind family

What is the highest pitch brass?

The highest pitched brass instrument is the Piccolo Trumpet. The next highest would be the soprano cornet and the soprano trumpet.

High woodwind instrument?

Generally, the highest instrument of the woodwind group is the piccolo (flauto piccolo in Italian. It means small flute). If the piccolo is absent, the highest instrument in the woodwind group could be the Eb Clarinet (rarely, this instrument is more seldom used) or the regular flute.

Which orchestra plays the highest flute or piccolo?

The piccolo plays higher than the flute. All orchestra's have piccolo's and the piccolo can only go so high (same as the flute) so it is not a matter of which orchestra plays the highest because all of them can play at the same pitch range (this also applies for the flute)

What instrument produces the highest pitch of all woodwind instruments?

Oboe I find that hard to believe. Not piccolo? umm it is deff the oboe :)

Which sound have the highest pitch?

The one with highest frequency. The limit of human hearing is 20khz. Sounds can be made at much higher frequencies.

Clarinet piccolo oboe french horn flute highest pitch?

Piccalo (by far) is the highest. Next comes: flute, oboe, clarinet, french horn.

What is the highest woodwind in the orchestra?

Piccilo is the highest pitch instrument in the woodwinds

Which instrument produces the highest sound the flute or the piccolo?

The Piccolo