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Q: Why the wet tissue paper hold the mirror?
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How many marbles can a wet paper hold?

a wet paper towel can hol 1 marble

What is the type of paper you can write a note on then place it in water and the ink or paper dissolves?

Just Normal Printer Paper it will dissolve once wet or even a tissue or tissue paper

Why does paper sink?

A paper sinks because it has less density. Paper can get wet because it can hold to much.

How much weight can a wet paper towel hold?


How many pennies can a wet paper towel hold?

30 pennies

How do you get hairspray off your flat iron?

you can get it off by just a paper towel not a tissue wet it and gentley apply on the iron make-sure its not plugged in hope this helps

How do you wash ink off paper?

i guess you wet the paper and dry it i guess you wet the paper and dry it

What paper towel rips when it is wet?

The paper towel that is strongest when wet is BOUNTY !

How can you get the mirror out of your Wet n Wild eyeshadow?

wet n wild sucks!

Which has the lowest albedo A desert or a iceberg or a mirror or a wet field?

A wet field

Why gases are not wet?

By definition, a gas is matter which has been heated beyond the liquid state, so it is no longer a liquid or wet. Gases do contain moisture and will become wet (back to a liquid state) if they condense when coming in contact with something of a lower temperature - if you hold a piece of paper over a steaming tea kettle, the paper gets wet.

What is bleeding tissue paper?

Bleeding tissue paper is tissue paper that does not have a dye fixative. When it gets wet, the colours 'bleed' as the dye is released. It's great for crafts where you want the colour to transfer, such as dying Easter eggs. 50/50 lemon juice and water helps release more dye and heat sets if (if you're using it on fabric, for instance, you might want to heat set it with an iron).