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Teachers have a lesson plan that they have to follow and they don't have enough time to teach us all the things and cover them as many times as needed, so they just give it too u to do at home

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Q: Why there is homework every day?
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Do school children in China have homework?

Yes they have homework every day including weekends!

How many hours homework does the average teen get per day?

You will probably get around one hour of work per class, though not every class will give you homework every single day.

What happens when teachers give out homework?

The teacher first has to plan what homework to give -- it has to help you learn whatever lesson you had that day. Then, the teacher has to decide how much homework is fair. Then, the teacher has to grade every single piece of homework from every kid in every class they teach!

Am i the only person that uses this site to get the answers to my homework?

No. There are literally thousands of homework questions asked on here every day . Of course, homework is supposed to be done by the pupil - not by someone else !

Is the word completes a verb?

Yes. It is an action, as in 'to complete.' Example: "Every day, she completes her homework."

Is the word completely a verb?

Yes. It is an action, as in 'to complete.' Example: "Every day, she completes her homework."

How do you use the word every day in a sentence?

Every day is a new day.I went to see him every day.The sun rose every day without fail.

What do you do when you dont know your homework?

You ask someone.The best way to always know is to keep a Homework Notebook where you write down every one of your assignments every day!

What is No Homework Day?

When no homework gets given for the day (WOHO :) )

How can you support your child in education?

ask them what happened in school on an every day bases and see there homework, and also guide them though their homework. Give them love and food and do not neglect them.

How much homework can be given a day?

It depends on the teachers. You might have homework from every one of your classes, plus a special project or report you have put off until the last minute which would be even more homework for you.

If you have homework every day how would it benefit you?

Having homework every day can benefit you by reinforcing what you learned in class, helping you practice and improve your skills, and fostering a sense of responsibility and time management. It can also prepare you for exams and develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.