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Andrew Jackson was 'Old Hickory'He was named so because he was said to be "as tough as old hickory" - a very tough wood. How'd he get the name?His TN militia men gave him this name after he led them back from New Orleans, walking most of the way, since he let the wounded soldiers ride his horses.

Hickory is a very tough kind of wood and the allusion was to his toughness.

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He was nicknamed 'Old Hickory' by troops under his command in the War of 1812 because he was 'tough as hickory'.

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Q: Why was Andrew Jackson nicknamed old hickory?
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Who is the person with the nickname of Old Hickory?

During his many years of military service, A. Jackson was nicknamed "Old Hickory".

Who was old hickorys name?

Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States, was nicknamed Old Hickory

What president was known as ''old hickory''?

Andrew Jackson was the president who's nickname was Old Hickory.

Who was nicknamed Old Hickory and killed several man in a duel because they insulted his wife?

Andrew Jackson

What US president was nicknamed Old Hickory?

Andrew Jackson was known as Old Hickory. He got the name "Old Hickory" from the troops he led in the war of 1812. They said he was tough as hickory, a wood which was known to be very strong and preferred for axe-handles and such. His cupporters used it in his politcal campaigns.President Andrew Jackson.

Why was President James Polk nicknamed Young Hickory?

"Old Hickory " was a nickname of Andrew Jackson. Like Jackson, Polk was from Tennessee and Polk was sort of a protege of Jackson-- Jackson supported Polk.

Who was nicknamed old history?

I think you mean Old Hickory. The person with that nickname was Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States.

Who was aka the Old Hickory?

Andrew Jackson had the nickname of "Old Hickory".

Which president had the nickname of old hickory?

Andrew Jackson was known as "Old Hickory."

What is Andrew Jackson's nickname?

Andrew Jackson had a total of three nicknames in his lifetime. His nicknames were Old Hickory, King Mob, and The Hero of New Orleans.

What president's nickname was '' Old Hickory ''?

Andrew Jackson

What was Andrew Jacksons nickname during the war of 1812?

"Old Hickory", because it is said that he was as "tough as old hickory" wood on the battlefield.