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People in Spain didn't like him as governor so he was in chains

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Q: Why was Columbus brought back to Spain in chains?
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What things did Columbus bring back to Spain?

he brought foof

Why was Columbus arrested and sent back to Spain in chains?

cause ur moma didnt want him

What did Columbus do when he landed on the land which is now a country?

He claimed it on behalf of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. Then he proceeded to institute a rule of terror there as Governor, to such an extent that the Spanish government had him arrested and brought back to Spain in chains.

What Indian crop did Columbus introduce to Spain?

The Indian crop that Columbus introduced to Spain was corn. Once Columbus brought corn back to Europe it spread around the world.

What did Columbus become?

He became Governor of the island of Hispaniola. He instituted there such a reign of terror (stealing a shipload of valuables for himself in the process) that he was formally accused of "Tyranny", arrested and brought back to Spain in chains .

How did Spain react after Columbus returned home from his voyage?

They were all cheering for Columbus and were exited to see what Columbus brought back from the new world

What did Christopher Columbus do after his new discovery?

He went on to the Indies and brought back some spices then returned to Spain.

What did Christopher Columbus do after he explored Spain?

he explored the Americas and he went back to Spain and gave the queen his notes that was then published and he then brought a lot more people back to the Americas

Why did Christopher Columbus come back from Spain in chains after his third voyage?

Ferdinand and Isabella had heard that Columbus and his brothers were not doing a good job governing the colonies in the New World. Columbus had not brought back much in the way of gold or other riches, and the King and queen thought he might be cheating them. They sent a nobleman, Bobadilla, to investigate. Bobadilla arrived in August of 1500 with 500 assorted Spaniards. Bobadilla found some of the rumors to be true and threw Columbus and his brothers in a dungeon in chains. They went back to Spain still shackled in October of 1500. Columbus was able to talk his way out of his troubles and made a fourth voyage.

What did Christopher Columbus bring back to Spain on his second voyage?

He brought back people that he found in the places that he visited such as the united states of america

Did Christopher Columbus sail for Spain?

Yes, though he himself was not Spanish, Christopher Columbus was paid by the Spanish government to explore the Atlantic Ocean, in hopes of finding new resources to be brought back to Spain.

What did Christopher Columbus bring back to Spain from the Indians?

Christopher Columbus brought tobacco, pineaplle, turkey, and a hammocks from his voyages from Spain to the "West Indies", which in actuality was Portugal. The writings of Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés also suggest he brought back parrots as well as a jaguar that was kept at Toledo, Spain.

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