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D.L. Moody was a Christian fundamentalist preacher who always urged believers to prepare for the return of Jesus. He was never afraid of speaking about the power of Jesus Christ to his friends and even strangers! He also spoke about being more alive after death than he was when he was still alive. For a lot of people who don’t believe in the afterlife and God, that idea would have been truly ‘crazy’!

Research seems to indicate Moody's appearance was rather unclean with a long flowing beard and long hair. No doubt it is very easy to imagine someone who has the 'fire of God' burning in him, to also have very alive eyes, and to a non-believer, would also look like a crazy person. However, he was not aggressive at all and in fact, drew many people to like him.

Moody never worried if people would reject him or make fun of him when he spoke of the Gospel message. To him, speaking out and guiding people towards Christ was the driving force of his life.

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he was on fire for Jesus

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Q: Why was DL Moody called crazy moody?
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What year did DL Moody die?

22 December 1899

Why is DL Moody a hero?

Moody was a Christian preacher. He spoke in America when America was being anti-black people. He hoped to change this and spoke to millions. Moody helped change America for the better. PS written by an Australian Christian

Why dl moody was called crazy moody?

First off Mr. Moody was called crazy moody because he was crazy for God. He did anything possible to serve God. He didn't care for his health. He never used his health as an excuse as to not serving God.

Three reasons why dl moody was crazy moody?

While doing some research for this answer I really could not find 3 real separate reasons why D. L. Moody was referred to as "crazy Moody". However I did find one overwhelming reason! Mr. Moody was referred to as "crazy" in Chicago because of his unabashed, unintimidated, and aggressive manner of speaking with people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It did not seem to matter to Moody if the person was a close personal friend or a complete and utter stranger, he was going to find out if that person had made a personal commitment to Jesus. At this time in American personal questions about ones beliefs were considered rude in polite society, however this being said, Mr. Moody seemed to attract a great deal of friends and admirers because of his unashamed dedication to bringing others to a saving knowledge of the Biblical Jesus. Another possible reason might be D.L.'s appearance He purposefully kept a long full beard and a somewhat full middle. In any case from what I can find the "crazy" label was never used in a truly derogatory manner. While his detractors may have felt that his actions where out of the mainstream, no one ever doubted his mental facility, and it seems that the label was most likely one of respect or admiration for the sheer force of his character and personality. Come visit Nightforges Unique Christian gift store on CafePress! http:/

When did DL Moody die?

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Does anyone have a 300 word composition for the DL Moody book because I really need it (I'm asking because I haven't read the book fully and I don't really like reading)?

Yes because composition doesn't need alot of words

Why DL was called crazy moody?

D.L. Moody earned himself the name "Crazy Moody". As a boy, D.L. was very loud; he didn't care what anyone thought of him. His family thought he was crazy when he set off to Boston with only five dollars in his pocket. The church in Boston didn't like it when he stood up and told them his testimony and compared it to selling shoes. D.L. was good at selling shoes but was over enthusiastic. The church found him crazy because they wanted things to stay the way they were and they didn't want D.L. to change things. D.L. chose to preach the Gospel to slum kids on a Sunday afternoon. D.L. was more dedicated to the slum kids than his job. People couldn't understand this and thought he was crazy. He started holding meeting in a church building, but he also slept in this building. He hung up clothes on nails and slept on meetings' benches. Emma, his wife, thought this scheme was crazy! Later on in his life, D.L. travelled to the United Kingdom, the churches there did not like D.L.'s style of preaching. They thought him too different. Ira Sankey, D.L.'s right-hand man and musician, told D.L. the people of England thought he was crazy. They didn't want him there. But D.L. fought for it, and got all the ministers of London to sign a paper saying he could preach. D.L. was later thought of as crazy, because he never stopped for health issues or worries from family. He later beat the Chicago fair, by preaching at the fair every Sunday morning. His sermons became more popular than the other shows at the fair. D.L. made it known that his Sunday morning services were not shows, they were preaching services. People probably found him crazy that he would want to preach in a tent that stank of animals. Nothing or nobody could stop D.L. Moody. After beating the fair, he continued on and was drafted to head up the YMCA's troop evangelism. He also preached to many more states. On the afternoon of December 22, 1899, Crazy Moody died. The world had seen what God could do with one man wholly committed to him.

The character of DL Moody?

he liked to joke around, and play pranks. he had a passion for Christ. Charismatic, easily likable. a good speaker. caring (could not speak of a lost soul without tears coming to his eyes) godly. wanted to serve God to the best of his abilities i hope that helped

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