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Because it was By St. John's Baptism that Our Lord was Anointed as the Messiah.

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Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist as an act of obedience and to fulfill all righteousness. It symbolized Jesus' identification with humanity and marked the beginning of his public ministry. It also served as an example for others to follow in the act of baptism.

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Q: Why was Jesus baptize by John the baptize?
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What is the reason why Jesus is to be baptize by john?

john is the only one who can baptize at that time so jesus chose him to baptize him

Did Paul baptize Jesus?

No; John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the River Jordan.

Why did God choose John to baptize Jesus?

So, that he could anoint Jesus for His Ministry.

What did John the Baptist baptize unto?

He baptized into water, but the one coming after him (Jesus) would baptize into the Holy Spirit.

Who is the founder of Baptists?

Jesus Christ. God sent John the Baptist to baptize. God gave him the authority to baptize and he baptized Jesus. The "Baptist" denomination is the only denomination mentioned in The Bible. The Baptist church originated with Jesus Christ in the land of Israel.

What town did john baptize Jesus?

Qasr al-Yahud located on the Jordan River.

Why did John not want to baptize Jesus?

He felt unworthy standing near the Messiah. John understood exactly who Jesus was and what His mission on earth was to be.

What happened to Jesus when he met John the Baptist?

Jesus asks John to baptize him, but John says that Jesus should baptize him instead, but Jesus told him to because Jesus will carry the sins of all the world and will give new life to all the humanity, and when Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit came over Him in a shape of a dove and a sound from Heaven saying that Jesus is the beloved son of GOD...(Mathiew 3:13-17)

What did John the Baptist mean by I will baptize you with water but he will baptize you with the holy spirit?

john was only a human, so he could only bless you with mortal things. but Jesus, however, can bless you with immortal things.

Why do we call John the Baptist John the Baptist?

we call him that because he was the first to legitimately baptize, and because he baptized Jesus

Are there Assemblies of God That baptize in Jesus name?

All Christian Churches baptize in the name of Jesus.

When did the baptism of jesus happened?

In the bible Jesus comes to John , and asks to be baptized, but John says that Jesus should baptize him instead. In the end John baptizes Jesus in the river Jordan, and Jesus was 30 odd years then.