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He violated Bear Bryant's "no alcohol" policy and that was his punishment.

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Q: Why was Joe Namath suspended for two games while playing at the university of Alabama?
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Did joe namath play in the acc?

No ... Namath played in the SEC with the University of Alabama.

What education did Joe Namath have?

University of Alabama

Who has worn number twelve at the University of Alabama football?

Joe Namath

Has the Alabama university quarterback always wore the number 12?


What jersey number did Joe Namath wear while playing for Alabama?

Joe Namath wore the number 12 when he played for Alabama.

Best qb ever at Alabama university?

the best QB @ Alabama would have to be Kenny "snake" stableror Joe "Willy" Namath

Where did Joe Namath play high school ball?

Joe Namath played football for University of Alabama, BUT, he did NOT graduate before entering the National Football League. 40 years later he finished his degree and finally did Graduate University of Alabama.

How much did joe namath earn in 1964?

I hope this is a typo because Joe Namath was still at Alabama in 1964.

Did Joe Namath ever play defense at Alabama?

Yes, Namath, in his senior year, was the starting QB on Alabama's 1964 National Championship team.However, a Namath and Bryantknee injury that year prevented Namath from starting in the Orange Bowl against Texas, although he was voted most valuable player of the game, based on less than three quarters of play.The Crimson Tide actually lost that Orange Bowl game to the University of Texas 21-17; but the team was still crowned national champion.

What Alabama QB threw the most touchdown passes in a game?

Joe Namath

Who was Alabama quarterback after Namath?

Steve Sloan was the starter and Ken Stabler was the backup.

Alabama Quarterbacks who played in NFL?

Many. Joe Namath was probably the most famous.