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He needed to know Christ personally.

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John Wesley ordained the first Methodist preachers to go to America.

Francis Asbury was sent by John Wesley to America in 1771 to establish churches and Bible studies on the frontier.

John Wesley traveled from England to America in 1735. He settled in Georgia for two years where he was asked to serve as a minister to the English settlers and a missionary to the friendly native tribes in the area.

The best answer to this question is probably 1784, when John Wesley ordained Dr. Thomas Coke to go to America and preach.

The wife of John Wesley is Mary Wesley.

First off, Methodism is NOT a religion. It is a denomination of the Christian religion. Secondly, his name was John Wesley, not John Wesley Turner. John Wesley did not originally mean to establish a new denomination, he just wanted to make the Anglican Church more evangelical.

Wesley John's birth name is John Wesley Pantejo Managbanag.

John Wesley did not translate the Bible.

John Wesley Harding's birth name is Wesley Hardin Stace.

john wesley went to oxford univ.

John Wesley founded Methodism and fought to abolish slavery.

John Wesley was born on June 28, 1703.

John Wesley Weldon died in 1885.

John Wesley Hardrick died in 1968.

John Wesley Posey died in 1884.

John Wesley Posey was born in 1801.

John Wesley Raley was born in 1903.

John Wesley Raley died in 1968.

John Wesley Jarvis was born in 1781.

John Wesley Jarvis died in 1840.

John Wesley Hughes was born in 1852.

John Wesley Hughes died in 1932.

John Wesley Wescott was born in 1849.