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There is not onedefinite answer as to why Machu Picchu was abandoned. But there are many theories surrounding its abandonment. Some theories state that it was due to Spanish invasion and wide spread disease however they found very few remains at the site that has any sign of disease at the time of death. Also the remains show no sign or warfare death, so this rules out the theory of the Spanish invasion. Other theories suggest that the cost of maintaining the citadel because of its isolated location to much. some other theories suggest that their gods told them to leave as it was now sacred land and to remain there would curse them. Also after the death of their ruler some theorists suggest that when a ruler died they had to abandon the city as it was custom but this theory does not hold much weight as remains show that after the death of the first ruler there were another 3 generations of successor's.

There seems to be no theory that is proven beyond doubt as to what caused the demise in the population of Machu Picchu as there is no written record. However we can (based on available evidence) draw the conclusion that two theories seem the most plausible. these are that they abandoned the city because of religious beliefs and orders from their gods or because the cost of maintaining the city grew to much.

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It was attacked, sacked and burned by Toltec invaders during the 7th to 8th centuries.

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Q: Why was Machu Piccu abandoned?
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Where is Machu Piccu located?

cuzco Peru!

What continent is Cuzco located on?

Cuzco was the ancient capital of the Incas, and is located in Peru, in South America.

Where is Machu Piccu located at?

Machu Piccu are ruins in Peru. They are situated high on a mountain top. This is an incredible place to visit to see ancient culture still left in our modern world today.

What sacred city built by the Incas lies high in the Peruvian mountains?

Machu Picchu is the city.

Why is machu piccu often called the lost city?

because of it hidden treasures and it unknowns

What is macho Pichu?

A very large mountain in peru. For more info google Machu Piccu

What is unusual about the Inca city machu picchu?

Machu Piccu is one of the seven wonders of the world, it was built in 1450 by the incas. By the way im only 9

What is the oldest place in Peru?

my guess is probably Machu Piccu. i've always wanted tp travel there :D

What happened to Machu Piccu?

Nothing happened to it... it still exists. You can go visit it in Peru right now if you want to

What tools did the tha incas was to build machu piccu?

The Incas used hammers and axes to make the rock formation

What location is machu piccu?

Well, Machu Picchu is in the southern east of the country. It's about 5 or 6 hours by train from the city of Cuzco to Hot Springs Train station (Aguas Calientes).