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Cromwell lost patience with the Rump Parliament. The army wanted more influence and to be paid. When the Rumps refused to hold an election unless they could be guaranteed their seats, Cromwell marched in with a troop of soldiers and drove the members out. He then locked the doors of Parliament and put the key in his pocket.

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Oliver Cromwell was not a strict leader because he enjoyed many sports and lively entertainment! But because he was a strict puritan he took religion seriously and disliked going against what The Bible said. That is why people thought he was strict but only his rules were! =D

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Q: Why was Oliver Cromwell a strict leader?
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Oliver Cromwell

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it was strict

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Oliver Cromwell was the leader of the Parlimentry side. He was the leader that took the Parlimentry side to victory. A nicknam for Oliver Cromwell was "Lord Protector" Can you guess why?

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yes he was their leader

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how old is Oliver now

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The Royalists did not like Oliver Cromwell because he was the leader of the enemy: the Parliamentarian (or Roundhead) Army.

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Oliver Cromwell.

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yes he was a good leader