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It didn't exactly live up to its title.

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Is Saturday night live going to be cancelled?

No. It will not be cancelled because it is one of the most popular tv shows.

When is Nickelodeon cancelled?

Nickelodeon won't be canceled. It is a popular t.v. station.

In May 1971 CBS cancelled this popular series?

All answers are correct

Why was Maggie the fly cancelled?

Maggie the Fly was canceled because it wasn't popular anymore.

When is Hannah Montana show going to get cancelled?

The popular show Hannah Montana was a hit for the past two or three years. It is now a hit in Poland. No one expects it to end soon. It will probably get cancelled in a couple of years, when it will no longer be as popular.

Who thinks iCarly should get cancelled?

I do not think iCarly should be cancelled, seeing it is an extremely popular show on Nick. I will eventully become cancelled, but not anytime soon. Furthermore, there is going to be a fith season of iCarly shortly after the end of season 4.

Why was the Nickelodeon show H2O cancelled?

it was cancled for a while but then brought back to the U.S. by popular demand

Is Popular mechanics for kids cancelled?

Popular Mechanics for Kids stopped airing December 2009, in the USA, but it is still airing in Canada, on BBC Kids.

Is the popular tv series Sam and Cat in their second season?

No. It was cancelled in April 2014. It did not make it to a second season.

Is Jericho off the air for good?

Yes it is. After it had been cancelled the first time, fans demonstrated by sending tons of nuts, which resulted in a second season. The second season wasn't that popular as well and it was cancelled definitive.

What if The Vampire Diaries gets cancelled?

If the ratings remain as strong as they were for Season 1, I don't see it being cancelled for a few years. The show is really popular so I doubt it will. But if it did I would die that's my life!

When will My Little Pony friendship is magic be cancelled?

There's zero guarantee the show will be cancelled at all, because it's globally popular thanks largely to the internet, and is moving forward, full-steam ahead, with no signs of stopping.

Will the show fullmetal alchemist ever be canceled?

It's too popular to be cancelled, but the series is coming to it's natural end

Has Jeff Dunham's TV show been cancelled?

Yes it has. Now he can go back to his more popular style of comedy.

Why Even Stevens ended?

Although the show was extremely popular, Disney's 'rule' was a show to be cancelled after only 65 episodes.

Why did Even Stevens end?

Although the show was extremely popular, Disney's 'rule' was a show to be cancelled after only 65 episodes.

Has Swingtown been cancelled?


SpongeBob is NOT cancelled in 2011?

no it is not cancelled

Why was supernatueral cancelled?

"Supernatural" is not cancelled.

What is abbreviation for cancelled?

Cancelled is CXD

Was Glee cancelled?

No, Glee isn't cancelled.

Why did even-steven end?

Although the show was extremely popular, Disney's 'rule' was a show to be cancelled after only 65 episodes.

Is Scrubs being cancelled?

yes it is cancelled

Why was Legion of superheroes cancelled?

It wasn't cancelled!

Is unnatural history cancelled?

Yes. It was cancelled.