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New technology. Weapons which had never been used before were killing men by the thousands on both sides. Also, the 4 year stalemate due to trench warfare (neither side could get ahead of the other). Tactics were also outdated. An example of this was in the Battle of the Somme, where the generals sent waves and waves of men at walking speed to their inevitable death.

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Q: Why was World War 1 more destructive than earlier wars?
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Why was World War one more destructive than earlier wars?

World War I was more destructive for several reason. One reason was the proliferation of long range artillery. The second was the wholesale use of the machine gun and the third was the German use of chemical warfare.

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Why was world war 2 more destructive than the earlier wars?

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What statement explains one of the reasons World War 1 was so much more destructive than earlier conflicts?

Armies used advanced weaponry developed during the Industrial Revolution.

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Which of the following explains one of the reasons World War 1 was so much more destructive than earlier conflicts?

Answer this question… Armies used advanced weaponry developed during the Industrial Revolution.

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Why was the Great War so much more protracted than earlier wars in the nineteenth century?

Taking place from 1914 to 1918, the Great War (or, World War I) was not in fact more protracted than other major wars that had taken place earlier, that is, during the 19th century. For example, the first fifteen years of the 19th century were almost entirely dedicated to war between France and other nations in Europe; the Crimean War lasted nearly three years; the American Civil War raged for four years. The Great War was, however, much more destructive.

Why was World War 2 more destructive than any previous war?

There was more new and advanced weaponry that proved more devastating than any other weapon used in World War I. Take the atomic bomb, for example. One atomic bomb, dropped by one bomber, that did the dirty work of thousands of bombs.

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