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Why was bmx invented?

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Because it looked like fun.

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Where was bmx invented?

BMX was Mainly invented in California, America.BMX racing actually started in America specifically California when a bunch of kids started imitating motocross races on the their regular BMX bikes and no it didn't start in the Netherlands.

Who made the first bmx bike?

Bob haro invented the first freestyle BMX bike.

Who invented bmx and when?

Scot Breithaupt is known as the founder of BMX. BMX was started during 1969 to 1987. He also founded the Bicycle United Motocross Society.

Who invented the bmx bike in the 1920?

No one. BMX riding didn't take off until a lot later, in the 1970s.

What was used before dirt bikes were invented?

BMX bicycles

What was invented by Mr Tupper?

Mr.Tupper invented the Tupperware plastic containers Written by :BMX Live

Was bmx invented in australia?

No. It's generally agreed that it was invented in the USA, although undoubtedly kids and young adults had been ridng and jumping bikes pretty much all over the world long before the BMX was formally invented.

Where is the main manufacturer for BMX bikes?

BMX bikes were invented in 1974. It became official when George E Esser founded the NBL. There is no main manufacturer of BMX bikes but there are many different ones.

Makes of bmx bikes?

blank bmxdiamondback bmxDK bmxeastern bmxfaction bmxFBM bmxfelt bmxFIT bmxfreeagant bmxGT bmxharo bmxhoffman bmxintense bmxKHE bmxkink bmxkuwahara bmxMCS bmxMIRRAco bmxmongoose bmxpremium bmxraleigh bmxredline bmxruption bmxSE bmx stolen bmxsubrosa bmxunited bmxverde bmxvolume bmxWeThePeople bmx:) fly bmx

Who invented elbow and knee pads for BMX?

300 years ago they were made

When was the akron bmx track invented?

The Akron BMX track, AKA Akron Derby Downs BMX, was formed sometime around 1986. The group that ran Stow Bmx looked for a new location after they lost the Stow, Ohio one. I believe that Stow ran from 1982-1986.

Why was bmx invented in the olympicks?

BMX wasn't invented in the olympics, it was added to the (summer) olympics list of sports because it had become hugely popular, and fulfilled the requirements for an olympic sport(national competition organizations, an international organization ASO)

Why was bmx racing invented?

Basically b/c people thought it would be fun.

Who invented Eastern BMX bikes?

Jon Byers, Mike Corley and Keith King. Jon and Mike still own the company. Keith left and started "King BMX Stunt Shows".

What is the best website to make your own bmx bike?

you can buy a bmx frame, bmx parts and bmx wheels and bars from most online bmx shops.

How do you spell bmx?

you spell it BMX

Is voodoo bmx a good bmx?


What is better soccer or bmx?


What is bmx zone?

It is where bmx rider race.

Is haro a bmx brand?

Yes, Haro is a BMX brand. A great BMX brand, no less.

When was BMX invented?

it was invented by a bunch of kids copiying motox riders, and it started in the 1960s.Hard to put an exact date on it because BMX evolved from kid's mimmicking their motocross heroes on dirt hills using 20" bikes (typically Schwinn Stingrays).The first bicycle made specifically to mimmick the motocross riders that early BMX riders were mimmicking was the Yamaha Moto-Bike in 1973.BMX became "official" in 1974 when George E. Esser founded the NBL, which officially sanctioned BMX races.The first official BMX bike (bike made specifically for the sport of BMX), with the frame design as we know it today, was in late 1974 with the introduction of the Redline Squareback.I don't know the exact year but it all started when kids were takin their bikes off dirt bike jumps and bike companies decided to make their parts strongerit has been around since schwinn invented the bike stingray an established the first race the sting ray bike was in the movie "et"1982: The Haro Freestyler built by Torker for Haro Designs.The early 1970'sA man named Johnny Libro First invented the BMX bike in 1891early 1970s early 1970sBmx racing started in California.

Who invented the tail whip?

The Footjam tail whip is the original BMX maneuver of this type, which was invented by Brian Blyther in the early 1980s. There are at least 15 variations of this trick used today.

Who is the inventor of BMX?

Robert BondGriffin Forman and Otto KeresztesTaylor StaplesThe invetor of bmx was Jeremy from west AfricaThe first company accredited with making a bike resembling the now a days BMX bike is the Huffy Corporation, yet most people give the credit to the original Schwinn Stingray as the start to BMXA man called Tom Riddleton one day when he was riding he said "i wish this bike wasn't so unsteady or high" So he invented the frame of the bike and said this looks good so he then invented the bars and other systems of what is now called the BMX bikeMatt Hoffmanbob marlyMicheal Jackson

How do you spell bmx in German?

Bmx is the same in German.

What are bmx tricks?

Tricks done on a bmx bicycle .

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