Why was chapstick invented?

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Chapstick was invented to help prevent chapped lips. Without chapstick it would be very difficult to maintain keeping you're lips protected and healthy

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What year was chapstick invented?

chapstick was invented in the early 1800s

Who invented octagon and pentagon?

mayor chapstick invented it

When was Chapstick invented?

Dr. C. D. Fleet, a physician from Lynchburg, Virginia, invented Chapstick or lip balm in the early 1880s.

Who invented Chap Stick?

In the early 1880s, Dr. C. D. Fleet invented Chapstick. He was a physician from Lynchburg, Virginia.

Who invented Chapstick?

Dr. C. D. Fleet (Dr. Charles Browne Fleet


The ChapStick is up your butt.

Who invented chap sticks?

Dr. C. D. Fleet a physician who came form Lynchburg, Virginia, invented Chapstick,lip balm, ect in early 1880s.

Can you get herpes from sharing chapstick?

yes you definitely can, if the person whos chapstick you are using has herpes

How do you get chapstick out?

You just take the top off and turn the thing at the end a WALA!!!! That how you get chapstick out.

What are some flavors of ChapStick?

There are quite a few enticing flavors of ChapStick. Among these flavors are apple and Cherry. ChapStick is a make of lip balm made by the company Pfizer.

How does chapstick help you your chaplips?

the wax content in the chapstick penetrates and oats the dry skin to soothe and protect it

How do I remove Chapstick stains from clothing?

Scrape off any chapstick left on the surface of the clothing.Rub the front and back of the chapstick stain with liquid detergent.Wash the clothing in hot water.

Does Chapstick work?


What are chapstick made out of?


What rhymes with chapstick?


What is better to put on your lips chapstick or lipgloss.?

lip gloss and chapstick moisturizes the lips and doesn't make them dry..

Who is Dr CD Fleet?

I believe that you are referring to Dr. C. B. Fleet. Dr. Fleet invented Chapstick in the early 1880's in Lynchburg, Va.

Who invented Chapstick lip balm?

A doctor by the name of Charles Browne Fleet invented lip balm, but he couldn't make it sell. He sold the recipe to a guy named John Morton. It was Morton and his wife who stated producing the familiar pink stuff. The Chapstick name and recipe was bought out by the current company, Wyethe Laboratories, in the 60's. The company is currently located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Is chap ice cheap chapstick?

No, chapice is more like a combination of blistex lip ointment and chapstick. Very nice!

How does Chapstick heal cold sores?

Because the inflotrifiden in the chapstick creates a alternative bond with the ionic streams of your skin to rebuild it

What actors and actresses appeared in Chapstick - 2013?

The cast of Chapstick - 2013 includes: Ryan Edward Shuler as Brandon

What is chapstick made out of?

well people sins u wanna know chapstick is made out of whale blobber belive it or not?

Does chapstick have whale sperm in it?

No, but it does have mine.

Do germs carry chapstick?

yeseven germs get chapped lips, of course they carry some chapstick around. what else do you expect them to do?

Should you where lip gloss when kissing?

No, you should wear chapstick. I wear lip gloss alot! but you should wear chapstick because lip gloss is sticky and guys dont want that. Also if your chapstick is scented or flavored its a plus.