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Q: Why was chief Joseph Brant important to the America Revolution war?
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Who was the War Chief of the Six Nations who sided with the British during the American Revolution?

Joseph Brant.

When was Joseph Brant Arseneau born?

Joseph Brant Arseneau was born in 1967.

Who was the mohawk leader that was one of the most important allies of for the british?

Joseph Brant

When was Chief Joseph Brant born?

Chief Joseph Brant was born in March 1743.

Who translated portions of the Bible into the Mohawk Language?

Joseph Brant was a famous Mohawk chief He later helped translate parts of the Bible and Anglican prayer book in to the Mohawk Language.

What school did Joseph brant go to?

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When was Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital created?

Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital was created in 1961.

Did Joseph Brant go to school?

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Who was Joseph brant?

he was a brave person

What race was Joseph Brant?


Did Joseph Brant have kides?

No he did not have no kids

What did Joseph Brant do when he was a kid?