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Why was fort snelling built?

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Fort Snelling was built after the War of 1812 as a string of fortifications. Indian agents were also stationed at this fort as well as many others.

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Where is the Fort Snelling Military Museum Volunteer in Fort Snelling Minnesota located?

The address of the Fort Snelling Military Museum Volunteer is: 511 Constitution Ave, Fort Snelling, MN 55111-4018

Who was fort Snelling named after?

Josiah Snelling

Who built Fort Snelling?

Fort Snelling is know to be built by Lt. Zebulon M. Pike. He was sent on the difficult mission of finding the source of the Mississippi river and got a treaty signed handing over land from the native Americans to the whites. :)

How many acres is Fort Snelling in Minnesota?

Fort Snelling, Minnesota's area is 300.01 acres.

When was Fort Snelling State Park created?

Fort Snelling State Park was created in 1962.

What are the two rivers that meet at fort snelling?

Fort Snelling lies at the junction of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers

Does fort snelling have a hotel?

No... it doesn't

What was Fort Snelling used for in the civil war?

Fort Snelling served as a supply depot and induction station for new Union soldiers.

Is fort snelling in Minneapolis open in December?

== ==

What was the name of the fort before it was named fort snelling?

It was originally called Fort Saint Anthony

Why is Fort Snelling important to Minnesota?

Historically, Fort Snelling protected the commercial use of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers during the early development and west-ward expansion of the United States. From 1819, until Fort Snelling was completed in 1825, the US Army protected the two major rivers. For more than 30 years, the activities related to Fort Snelling helped build and improve civilization in the area. In 1960, Fort Snelling was designated Minnesota's first National Historic Landmark. The Fort Snelling History Center provides much information, just like other museums and historical places, visitors enjoy while they learn about our American history.

Who was Abigail Snelling?

She was born in 1797 and died in 1889. She was the wife of Colonel Josiah Snelling. Look for info on Josiah. She lived in Fort Snelling.

What county is Fort Snelling in?

In the United States, in the state of Minnesota.

What was Fort Snelling's second name?

it was originally named Fort Saint Anthony, after Saint Anthony Falls, the waterfall by Fort Snelling.

How do you get your military ID updated at fort snelling mn?

wait till you get to basic

Does the fort snelling still serve as headquarters for any military units?

No, it doesn't.

Where is the Timber Wolf Lodge at on Fort Snelling in Minnesota?

The Timber Wolf Lodge sounds like a Boy Scout unit. If so, it's probably meeting at the Boy Scouts' Urban Basecamp at Fort Snelling. It's a big red brick building at the corner of Bloomington Road and Federal Drive. Follow the brown highway signs to "Historic Fort Snelling", and it will be just before the last turn to the Historic Fort.

How much is a 6 cent Great Northwest 1820 Fort Snelling Stamp worth?

Scott Number 1409 pictures Fort Snelling. This 6c stamp was issued in 1970. It has a minimal value used and can be purchased for 45 cents in mint condition.

When was the Fort in Fort William built?

fort william was built in 1781

Why did the US government build Fort Snelling?

it was a post in the 1800's for Indians to trade furs.

What happened to Mary Schwandt before during and after the Dakota war?

after the war she was captured and brought to FORT SNELLING

What has the author Marilyn Ziebarth written?

Marilyn Ziebarth has written: 'Fort Snelling, anchor post of the Northwest'

Who built the allahabad fort?

Allahabad Fort was built by Emperor Akbar

Does Serving during the Korean Conflict qualify you for burial at Fort Snelling in Minnesota?

Most likely, unless there is no space.

When was Fort Sutter built?

Sutter's Fort was built between 1841 and 1843.

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