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Q: Why was holborn college blacklisted?
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Is holborn college blacklisted or not?


When was Holborn College created?

Holborn College was created in 1969.

Will Holborn college London get its license again?

i want know that holborn college license at now alive

Willem college in holborn London is black list or not?

Yes Holborn college has been unsuspended on 05th Feb....

Malvern House College is in blacklisted?

Malvern House College is in blacklisted?

Is northam college of bretford will blacklisted?

of course it in blacklisted....

Is info nexus college London blacklisted?

It is a new college which is still gaining popularity. And its not blacklisted.

Is Bcoc London college of computing blacklisted?

Yeah bcoc college is blacklisted in London colleges

Is Deccan engineering college in Hyderabad still blacklisted?

yes it's still a blacklisted college...........

Lantech training centre college London is blacklisted?

British colleges are not blacklisted.

Is Queensland college London blacklisted?

There is no such thing as a college blacklist.

Is Quinton college at shirley in Birmingham is blacklisted or not?

No its not Blacklisted. According to the UKBA List its A Rated now.ok