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First we need to see in what way we are different from other creatures. We walk upright, have opposable thumbs and relatively large brains. This has enabled us to fill a niche in the environment that no other creature could fill, and even create our own niche by altering the environment. Some say that another difference from other creatures is that humans have souls.

The physical differences are easily explained. They are the result of evolution, enabling humans to survive and flourish in every continent. We can never prove we have souls, but if this is a difference from other animals it would be because God wished us to continue after we die, with him in heaven. But this can also be wishful thinking.

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God created humans (Genesis ch.1) with free-will (Deuteronomy 30:15-20), in order to be tested. This does not apply to the animals. The existence of the human soul is alluded to in Genesis 2:7, since the Hebrew for "breath of life" (ibid) also translates to "living soul." This too, goes beyond what animals possess.

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Q: Why was man created different from other creatures?
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