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There were many reasons why reading and writing were unmanly in the Middle Ages. Reading and writing were associated with emotions.

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What did the nuns do?

the nuns help teach kids the important and reading and writing in the middle ages

How did writing and reading exist in the middle ages?

In early modern Europe, reading and writing was basically exclusive to the clergy. It was the job of monks and priests to transcribe books by hand and to spread the word of God to the masses. Eventually, reading and writing spread to the upper class.

How were books created in Middle Ages?

During the Middle Ages, books were produced by writing them by hand, one at a time. That is why they were so expensive.

What did clerks do in the middle ages?

During the Middle Ages, the word clerk was applied primarily to scholars of any sort. The word is related to the words cleric and clergy, but was extended to include almost anyone who worked at jobs that required reading and writing, such as secretaries and officers of the courts.

What were two advances in education during the middle ages?

They did math and writing.

Why did people reffer to the Middle Ages and the dark ages?

The Middle Ages are referred to as the "Dark" Ages because of the lack of written record. The aspect of writing had become something only priests were able to do. With the lack of writing there is very little for historians to find en"light"enment about the period, hence the term the "Dark" Ages.

What did people do in their spare time in the middle ages?

They did sewing, painting, reading, writing, hunting, dancing and music was played. They also held many banquets and feasts. Hope this helps! :D

What has the author Theodore L Steinberg written?

Theodore L. Steinberg has written: 'Jews and Judaism in the Middle Ages' -- subject(s): History, Intellectual life, Jews, Judaism 'Reading the Middle Ages' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Medieval Literature 'Jews and Judaism in the Middle Ages (Praeger Series on the Middle Ages)'

What are facts about queens in the middle ages?

I am writing a report on how queens were in the mddle ages and i need some advice on what to write... Alaynah charbonneau vt

What was a explorers in a Middle Ages?

There was no explorers in the middle ages. When exploration started that is when the middle ages ended.

What is the third period of the middle ages called?

The third period of the Middle Ages was the Late Middle Ages. The first is called the Early Middle Ages or the Dark Age. The second period was the High Middle Ages.

What time period was Chaucer writing in?

The Middle Ages. He was born in 1343 and died on 25 October 1400.

Why is the middle ages called the medieval ages?

The middle ages are not called the medieval ages. The word medieval is an adjective that means "related to the middle ages." Sometimes we used "medieval period" as the same as "middle ages."

Was a page from the Middle Ages or renaissance?

Middle ages

What is a Middle Ages monk?

A monk from the middle ages

What time period was the middle ages?

Early Middle Ages 400 - 700, High Middle Ages 700 - 1300, Late Middle Ages 1300 -1500.

What period of time preceded the Middle Ages and what time period came after the Middle Ages?

Before the middle ages was Anquity (Greeks and Romans) and after the middle ages was the Renissance

Why did the people of the Renaissance feel people during the middle ages were ignorant?

The Renaissance means "rebirth" because learning, reading, thinking and growth was taking place after a 1000 years of the middle ages or "dark ages" where people didn't read, write, or think about the world.

What did people write on in medieval times?

Writing materials available in the middle ages included vellum, parchment, and paper.

Was acrylic used in the Middle Ages?

It was not worn in the Middle Ages.

Did they have love in the Middle Ages?

Yes, they had love in the Middle Ages.

Who began the Middle Ages?

the vikings started the middle ages.

What came first renaissance or Middle Ages?

middle ages

How were noble warriors of the Middle Ages trained?

middle ages

What is a keep in the Middle Ages?

A keep is a castle in the middle ages.