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Running is invented because a Two Thousand old man run when he was old...

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Africans invented running water. Ancient Egyptians were the inventors.

Romans invented running copper water lines.

Technically, it wasn't invented. Running has been around ever since people. There really is no better reason to say that cross country was invented as distance running competition.

No one invented running water, it is a natural phenomenon.

a caveman back in dinosaur times who invented running to get away from T-Rexes.

Since god invented humans we have been running, but the Greeks held the first running competition, usually only going as far as 2-3 miles. They ran on grass/dirt just as we do today!

well as you can see from the game qwop, the fad of running has not spread to all parts of the earth yet

Running shoes were invented in the 1970's when jogging for exercise became increasingly popular. Companies also began selling shoes for specific sports around that time.

The sport probably started in Greece during the olympics

the guy from suite life on deck. when Zack helps the elderly. and the dude says he invented that joke.

The Indus Valley invented a running pulmbing system.

No it started running on Sept 13 1996

Google Android is a mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel. It was invented eleven months ago by Google.

it has been invented because a old man Walk So Slow Then HE Run

The person who invented the alkaline battery was Lewis Urry. He invented both this battery and the lithium battery in the 1950s. These batteries were longer running and cheaper than their precursors.

David Belle And A Few Of His Friends Made Up Parkour And Free-Running. They Were Board And They Just Made It For Fun! After They Made It They Were Looking For Walls To Do Tic Tac's On And Looking For Tables To Vault Over And Then The Tempest Free Running Academy was made for those who wish to practice parkour or just have fun!

no one it would have just been sum thing that would have just been common.

The IBM PC already existed, running MSDOS, before Windows was added on.

The Model-T ford. the most affordable running car of the time.

It is difficult to say with certainty who invented the counter trey running play, but it was undoubtedly popularized by the Washington Redskins in the 1980s. Washington's offensive line coach Joe Bugle once commented that he first saw the play run by the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

I don't think any single person "invented" it. I'm sure it just involved out the need to get away from big animals, and then earlier people gradually started running just for fun. The ancient Greeks (or Romans?), I believe, had the first Olympics, which had running events for males which were usually run naked, so that might be when it was first considered a "sport."

Track started back around the 770 BC with the Romans and the Olympics were started.

Track has been around since the first Olympic games in 776 BC, where there was a running race. In later years, they started more running, throwing, and jumping events.

before netball was invented the girls didn't have a sport that didn't involve contact and alot f running.

Steve Pre Prefontaine His running coach invented Nike Sneakers. He wore the first pair :)

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