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Q: Why was shackleton considered a hero?
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Was Sir Ernest Shackleton considered as a hero?

Many people would have considered him to be a hero.

Did Lieutenant Ernest Shackleton die in Antarctica?

Sir Earnest Shackleton died on South Georgia Island in 1922. South Georgia Island is not considered to be Antarctica.

What awards did Ernest Shackleton receive?

Ernest Shackleton didn't recieve any awards like trophies or anything...but I would say that his award would be that he reached his goal and got all his men to safety without any of them dying or getting lost. It is for that reason he is reconized as a hero. He is still remembered to tghis day for his courage, bravery, determination, ENDURANCE. Shackleton is a hero. That is the greatest award of all.

Was sir Ernest Shackleton a brave man?

Ernest Shackleton is my hero because he showed me if you give it all you have, you can do anything.Ernest Shackleton is my hero because he is an inspiration to me, and he taught me to never give up. On his first trip to reach the South Pole, he could not make it. He was not the captain. They were not very far when they had to turn back because of the ice. Then after a year of hard work and looking for a ship he and his crew of 28 set off for Shackleton’s second trip to the South Pole. The whalers at South Georgia Island said, “It’s a bad year for ice.”Ernest Shackleton promised his crew he would do his best to save them and he did. Ernest Shackleton was a man of integrity because he never made a promise he could not keep. One example is when he wanted to tell his crew that they would all live, but he did not because it would be a false promise.

What were the children's names of Sir Ernest Shackleton?

Sir Ernest Shackleton had three children: Raymond, Cecily, and Edward.

Is sir ernest shackleton realted to the shackleton with thomas shackleton?

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What is the possessive noun of Shackleton's?

Shackleton's is already a possessive noun. It refers to something that belongs to Shackleton, such as "Shackleton's expedition to the South Pole".

Why did Shackleton get knighted?

In 1907, he led his own British Antarctic Expedition in the Nimrod. Other members of the expedition climbed Mount Erebus and reached the south magnetic pole. Using ponies and also dragging his own sledges Shackleton himself led a party which reached to only 97 miles from the Pole. Although there had not been much government support beforehand, Shackleton received a hero's welcome when he returned. He was knighted, becoming Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Are there anythings named after Sir Ernest Shackleton?

shackleton inlet was named after earnest shackleton

Who is William tell and why is he considered a hero?

because he is a hero

Why is Marie Curie considered a war hero in France?

She is not considered a war hero. She is a scientific hero. She and her husband discovered radioactivity and the element radium.

What nationality is Shackleton?

Ernest Shackleton was was Irish.