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Because everyone was pour and hungry

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Q: Why was the Great Britain having financial problems in 1763?
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What colony were having the most problems with Great Britain?


Is great Britain having economic problems?

It is now but then so are most countries.

How did king george try to solve great britain's financial problems?

King geroge and his minsters decided to collect more taxes from the american colonies

What problems did the colonists have with great Britain?

that they had a strict trade.

How does Great Britain discuss their problems?

with and/or without vigour

What is the square mile in London?

It's the City, the financial centre of Great Britain,

What NATO member received the most Marshall Plan financial aid?

Great Britain

How will the 2012 Olympics benefit Great Britain?

It will benifit Great Britain by having al the people or tourists will come and buy things and this will help Britain economy.

How did the bristish government hope to solve great britain's financial problems after the french and indian war?

The British government attempted to solve Great Britain's financial problems after the French and Indian War by implementing a number of measures, such as increasing taxes on the American colonies, implementing new taxes on goods such as stamps and tea, and reducing government spending. Additionally, they sought to increase revenue through the imposition of trade regulations and tariffs on the colonies, which led to significant tensions between Great Britain and the American colonies and ultimately contributed to the outbreak of the American Revolution.

What are some of the growing problems with great Britain?

they didnt know how to grow crops

You are having 1000 Great Britain pounds if you convert in into Indian rupees how many rupees will you get?

1000 Great Britain Pounds= 79990.1 Indian Rupees

What problems facing Great Britain after world war 2 was religious disagreements.?