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It was a real tragic time in our history. It also redefined how our government looks at large economic problems!

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Because it was a horrid time in history the Great Depression left many people with nothing to eat, and some resorted to eating garbage or ate weeds instead. As well as this event in history caused business houses to close down or not allow employment, factories shut down and banks failed, farm income fell some 50 percent, and by 1932 approximately one out of every four Americans was unemployed.

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Q: Why was the Great Depression important to history?
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What is one important event in the history of the US?

the great depression

Why was the great depression so important in your economy and political history?


Which two important events occured in American history in the 1930s?

the great depression and the dust bowl

How do you use the phrase The Great Depression in a sentence?

The Great Depression was a horrible time in history.

How many people committed suicide during the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was an important part of American History. Many people died due to illness, malnutrition, and suicide. It is estimated that about 40,000 people committed suicide during the Great Depression.

What are some of the most important events in California history?

gold rush great depression bear flag revolt

What two important events in American history occured in the 1930's?

the great depression and the dust bowl

How were the hoovervilles important to the Great Depression?

Hoovervills were important to the great depression because when people's homes went to foreclosure, they had no where to go. Hoovervills gave people shelter and food during the great depression when people had no where to go.

Why was Great Depression important?

the great depression is important because it showed us the flaws in our finacial system and now we are able to fix those problems

What event was known as the GD in American History?

The Great Depression

The was the worst economic period in the history of the US?

Great Depression

What years did the Great Depression span?

It depends on your point of view of the Great Depression. Wikipedia has it The Great Depression end at the start of WW2 so from 29-39, but my history textbook says from 29-34.

In the Great Depression what is Black Tuesday?

The worst day in the history of the stock market on 29 October 1929. Also the start of the Great Depression

During the Great Depression did school played an important role?

It did big time. The schools helped the Great depression end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was one of the important of the Great Depression?

uganda be kidding me

Where did the Great Depression effect?

The Great Depression had an effect on many people. Over 12 million were unemployed. The stock market crash was the main reason for the Great Depression. Agriculture and farming were another important factor. The Great Depression last for at least a decade.The Great Depression affected people everywhere.

Important events in American history?

9/11, dust bowl, great depression, apollo11, world war1, Vietnam, civil rights act.

Why is Herbert Hoover important in history?

He was the president during the end of the Roaring twenties and the start of the Great depression. He is at times, somewhat unswervingly, blamed for his handling of it.

What is the worst period of economic hardship in US history?

The Great Depression.

Did the depression end in 1943?

By 1939 the economy was on an upswing and by 1940, after war had begun in Europe, the Great Depression was history.

Why is the geart depression so important?

The Great Depression was an important event for the USA and the World. In Europe, the Great Depression led to Hitler and the Nazi party and WWII. In the USA, the Great Depression led to FDR and a change in the way the American people regard their government and the way the American government treats the American people.

Was ''The Great Depression'' an economic problem?

Yes. The "Great Depression" was a period in United States history when the country's economy went into a major recession.

Why the time from 1929-1941 is called the Great Depression?

The period from 1929-1941 was known as the Great Depression, the worst economic disaster in America history.

What year did the Great Depression start and what year did it end?

The Stock Market Crash of 1929 signaled the beginning of the Great Depression. By 1939 the economy was on an upswing and by 1940, after World War II had begun in Europe, the Great Depression was history.

What important shakespearean event happened in 1952?

the great depression