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Why was the abacus invented?

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It is difficult to imagine counting without numbers, but there was a time when written numbers did not exist.

The earliest counting device was the human hand and its fingers.

Then, as larger quantities (larger than ten human-fingers could represent) were counted, various natural items like pebbles and twigs were used to help count.

Merchants who traded goods not only needed a way to count goods they bought and sold, but also to calculate the cost of those goods. Until numbers were invented, counting devices were used to make everyday calculations. The abacus is one of many counting devices invented to help count large numbers.

The more affluent people, could afford small wooden tables having raised borders that were filled with sand (usually coloured blue or green).

A benefit of these counting boards on tables, was that they could be moved without disturbing the calculation- the table could be picked up and carried indoors.

With the need for portable devices, wooden boards with grooves carved into the surface were then created and wooden markers (small discs) were used as place-holders. The wooden boards then gave way to even more more durable materials like marble and metal (bronze) used with stone or metal markers.

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Which country invented the abacus?


What is the Reason Why Abacus is Invented?

The abacus was invented to help people calculate.

Who invnted abacus?

the Chinese invented the abacus

If the Chinese invented the abacus what is the name of that person?

abacus was not invented by chinese, but by babylonians.

Who invented the abacus in 1642?

The abacus was invented by the Sumerians in 2,700 BCE, not in 1642 ACE

Photo of who invented abacus?

The abacus was invented before cameras and so no photograph exists.

Who invented the abacus when it was invented why it was invented and who invented it?


What country invented the abacus?

the country that invented the abacus is China Actually it is unknown as the abacus seems to predate recorded history and different versions were independently invented in various places.

What is the name of the inventor of abacus?

Abacus was invented by the Chinesethe abacus was also known as the first computer

When was the greek abacus invented?

The abacus is actually Mesopotamian in origin and so it was invented around the time of Mesopotamia.

Name of the inventor of abacus?

The adapted abacus was invented by Tim Cranmer.

What is the sentence of abacus?

An abacus is an ancient mathematical tool invented by the Japanese.

What is the history of the abacus?

the history about the abacus is that 3000 years ago the chinese invented the abacus. The abacus was made of wood parrelel rod and beads.

When did the Chinese invent the abacus?

The chinese invented the abacus around 300-500bc.

Who invented the machine called the abacus?

the inventer to the abacus is unknown but all that i know so far is that its was invented in babylonia and was made with wood when first invented

Who invented the first abacus?


What is the first computer invented?


When did the abacus invented by Charles Babbage?


Which country invented abacus?


Did Leonardo da Vinci invent the abacus?

No, the Abacus was invented by the Sumerians in 2,700 BCE

First computer invented?

That would be the abacus.

Who invented Chinese abacus?

Hmm... the answer is obvious !

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Who person invented abacus?

li sou

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