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Q: Why was the amelioration proposal a success in the british?
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Did the amelioration proposal take place before the apprenticeship?

No, the apprenticeship system came first before the amelioration proposal. The apprenticeship system was established in the early 19th century, whereas the amelioration proposals were introduced later as a means to improve working conditions for apprentices.

Why the amelioration proposal was interduce?

To improve the condition of the slaves also it was a means of delaying emancipation

What were the effects of the failure of the amelioration proposals?

this failure of amelioration relates to British West Indian history. It led to the emancipation of countries in the British West Indies.

What were the Planters reaction to amelioration proposals in 1823?

Intended to improve the lot of slaves, the Amelioration Processes were to not allow overseers to carry whips in the field, slave marriages were to be allowed, slaves were to have weekends off to market and attend mass, women were not be flogged, families were not to be divided and slaves could not be sold as payment of debt. However white planters overwhelmingly refused to accept the Amelioration Processes.

What is the opposite of pejoration?

The opposite of pejoration (worsening) would be amelioration (building, strengthening).

What does amelioration mean in terms of slavery?

Amelioration in terms of slavery is the policy of improving slave conditions.

What is amelioration?

An amelioration is an act of ameliorating - of making better or improving.

What do you understand by word proposal in communication Describe different kinds of proposals?

Proposal in communication is to give your suggestion in any kind of business for the success of the business.

When did amelioration end in the Caribbean?

In the year 1830, amelioration totally ended so that emancipation could have been achieved.

Is the word surly an amelioration?

No, the word "surly" is not an amelioration. It typically has a negative connotation, meaning bad-tempered or unfriendly. An amelioration is a process where a word's meaning evolves to become more positive over time.

What is siwft's chief satirical target in A Modest Proposal?

Swift's chief satirical target in "A Modest Proposal" is the British government and their policies toward the impoverished Irish population. He uses the extreme proposal of eating children as a way to highlight the inhumane ways the British were treating the Irish.

Use amelioration in a sentence?

The introduction of new safety measures in the workplace led to the amelioration of employee well-being and productivity.