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So that ranchers could keep them together.

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Q: Why was the barbwire fence invented?
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What happens if you get scratched by a barbwire fence?

you just start to bleed but some times you nd stitches

Not an example of sliding friction?

wind on a farm barbwire fence...(perhaps dust is instrumental)can actually build up a big charge

What are barbwire matches?

In Wrestling, Barbwire Matches are Matches when the ropes aren't regular ropes, they are barbwire. Its a sick match. In Wrestling, Barbwire Matches are Matches when the ropes aren't regular ropes, they are barbwire. Its a sick match.

Is there a law against barbwire fence around your propetry in the country with no farm animals or cattle?

No there is not. But if a cop asks you why you do, just say that you want to protect your property and no trespassers!

Where was the Electric fence invented?

# #

When was the electric fence invented?


Who invented the fence?

J.H. J.H.

How close to the road can i build a barbwire fence?

That depends on your local municipal or county rules and regulations. In my area it must be 12 ft from the edge of the roadway, but I know it differs in some areas.

Who invented the electric fence?

starts with a G

When was chain link fence invented?


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What are agriculture impacts of barbwire?

Barbwire keeps cows, horses, and sheep on one side of a fence and crops on the other. Before barbwire, keeping animals and crops separate required solid wooden fences, stone walls, or hedgerows. It made it easier to keep the cows out of the corn. The cows could be kept in the pasture. Horses or mules are far better for pulling plows than oxen, but are more difficult to confine. Barbwire fences would confine horses and mules in pastures. Horses and mules replaced oxen for plowing. A farmer could plow far more land in a day.

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