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Why was the confederation bridge built?

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The Confederation Bridge was built to provide reliable road transportation between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

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Who built confederation bridge?

gj cahill

Why was it necessary for the engineers who built the Confederation Bridge to study the climate and storms in the Northumberland Strait before beginning to build?

because the confederation bridge had been planned to be built high and the bridge might have had some non-proper supports.

What was the confederation bridge built with?

Post-tension concrete box girders

What was the name of the bridge before the confederation bridge?

Before the Confederatration Bridge was built it was a ferry, so the bridge had no prior name. The locals call the bridge the "fixed link"

What type of bridge is the confederation bridge?

The Confederation Bridge is a box girder bridge

When was Confederation Bridge created?

Confederation Bridge was created in 1997.

Why did they build the Confederation Bridge?

They built the bridge because the people from Prince Edward island wanted an easier way to get to the main land [Canada]

Confedertionbridge when it was it built?

Confederation Bridge in Prince Edward Island in Canada was completed on June 28th 1997

How is the base of confederation bridge made?

how is the base of the pillar of confederation bridge made

How long is the Confederation Bridge?

The confederation bridge is 12.9 km (8 miles)!!!

Why is the bridge called the confederation bridge?


How long is confederation bridge?

the confederation bridge is 12.9 km long and 11 m wide

Where is the confederation bridge located?

the confederation bridge is located in P.E.I. and attaches it to part of New Brunswick

Did anybody die building Confederation Bridge?

yes 3-4 people died building the confederation bridge

How old is the Confederation Bridge?

The Confederation Bridge in Canada opened on May 31, 1997. The total length of the bridge is 8 miles or 12.9 kilometers.

What is the most expensive bridge toll in the world?

confederation bridge

How many street lights are on the confederation bridge?

the answer to that question is there are 100 000 lights on the confederation bridge thank you good day

How many people died building the confederation bridge?

3-4 people died working on the confederation bridge P.E.I

Who built the arch bridge?

in 1789 it is one of the oldest bridge built in 1789 it is one of the oldest bridge built

Is the pier on the confederation bridge natural?


Did the confederation bridge collapse?

Yes it did!

Who built the bosphorus bridge?

who built turkey bhosphorus bridgeBosphorus bridge was built in 1973 by the Cleveland Bridge and Engineering of Darlington England.

What two provinces does Confederation Bridge connect?

The Confederation bridge in Canada connects the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Which bridge is the longest bridge in Canada?

Probably the Confederation Bridge, as it reaches from New Brunswick to PEI.

Who built the London bridge first?

The original bridge was built by the Romans

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