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The world's first mechanical clock was not invented to tell the time. It was invented to regulate the sex life of the Emperor of China. In the ancient China of the Tang dynasty, in the 8th century AD, the emperor's heir was not necessarily his firstborn son. The heir was chosen by the court astrologist according to his astrological suitability. And, for the Chinese, the most important thing astrologically was not when the child was born, but when he was conceived. So, the timing of the Emperor's lovemaking was vital matter of state importance. The exact moment of the conception of each child had to be witnessed and recorded. But, this was complicated by the fact that he shared his marital bed with no less than 121 women, not all at the same time, of course. And, that was another problem because there was a strict order in which the women of the court should attend the Emperor's bed. It all had to be monitored in the minutest detail.

In 723, the horrendous logistics of the Emperor's bed drove a Buddhist monk, by the name of Izing to invent a water driven, spherical, bird's eye view map of the heavens, clock. It was also known as the first mechanical clock in this world.

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Q: Why was the first mechanical clock invented?
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It was invented in Middle Ages. Around 1300 AD.

When the first mechanical clock invented?

It was invented in Middle Ages. Around 1300 AD.

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