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Q: Why was the globe nicknamed the wooden o?
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What was the globe theaters nickname?

"Wooden O"

What did Shakespeare call the Globe Theatre?

The wooden O.

What was the nickname of the globe theatre?

Shakespear's nickname for the theater was the "wooden o".

What did Shakespeare refer to the globe theatre as?

In the prologue to Henry V, Shakespeare talks about a "wooden O". But that was not the Globe Theatre he was talking about. Henry V was written before the Globe was built. He was probably talking about The Curtain Playhouse.

Who was Shakespeare's globe named after?

The Globe was not named after a person. The Globe represented the world. "All the World's a Stage" was its motto. Shakespeare called the playhouses of the period "wooden 'O's" because they resembled geographical globes, and could be made to stand as microcosms of the world.

When was the wooden o built?

Shakespeare's Wooden O was the Globe Theatre in London in which he had a financial interest. It was rebuilt after being accidentally burnt down (in 1613) but was then closed down by the Puritans in 1642 and demolished two years later to build housing.

What the globe theatre looks like on the outside?


What play by Shakespeare is said to contain a reference to the Globe Theatre?

In The Tempest, Prospero has a line containing the phrase, "the great globe itself" but if it is a reference to the playhouse, it is as a pun. The Chorus in Henry V mentions the 'wooden O" in conjunction with the playhouse, but the playhouse in question was not the Globe. The play was first performed before the company built The Globe.

The Globe Theatre is shaped like an ''o''?

the globe theater is shaped like an ''o''

What is the wooden frame that a globe sits in called?

It is called an atlas

2 Why was the Globe theatre built in the way it was?

becaus ethere was noi source of light to let the wooden O be bright enought to do plays in done by ameena khan 7a1

What was another name for the globe theater?

Shakespeare described his theatre as "the wooden "O". (letter o) in the Chorus to Henry V. But he was probably talking about the Curtain theatre when he wrote those lines. It didn't matter anyway because most of the outdoor theatres were shaped like doughnuts including the Globe, Curtain, Theatre, Rose, Hope, and Swan. So Shakespeare's phrase isn't necessarily about the Globe at all and certainly never became a nickname for the Globe.