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to save the lives of people but showing how much ships can load

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Then was the plimsoll line invented?

The plimsoll line was invented in the 19th centary by a british man named Samuel plimsoll

Why is the plimsoll line called the plimsoll line?

because it was invented by a man called Samuel plimsoll It has saved many lines, he deserves to be honored for this idea.

Who invented plimsoll lines?

19th-century English politician Samuel Plimsoll.

Who created the plimsoll line and why?

19th-century English politician Samuel Plimsoll. He invented it so not so many lives would be at risk from the sinking of ships By Lucy Epic-Awesome

Why is plimsoll line named after Samuel plimsoll?

He created the line so he named it after his self and wanted people to remember him

Thee plimsoll line in fresh water and in salt water?

The plimsoll line is lower in salt water than in fresh

What is a plimsoll line on ships and why is it so important for safety?

the plimsoll line is for the saftey of the ship. it is important because people could die.

What did plimsoll force ship owners to do?

The Plimsoll Lines stopped owners overloading the ship, as it provided a 'load line' which could not be exceeded. i.e. when a ship goes to sea, the water line is never allowed to go above the plimsoll line.

Why is there a plimsoll line?

The Plimsoll line is there for safety's sake. It's to prevent overloading of a vessel.The Plimsoll line or Plimsoll mark is named for the 19th Century Englishman Samuel Plimsoll, who first suggested that it was necessary to have permanent line or mark on the hull of merchant ships to show the depth to which a vessel may be safely and legally loaded. This "load" line differs from the waterline, which shows where the unloaded vessel floats. The Plimsoll mark is important because if it is submerged due to overloading, it immediately shows that the vessel does not have enough freeboard (that part of the vessel that is out of the water) to be safe.

What is another name for a ship's load mark?

It is known as the plimsoll line, originally called the plimsoll mark.

When was the Plimsoll Lines introduced?

it was invented in the 19th centuary

What is the plimsoll line and why shouldn't you cross it?

a plimsoll line is on a boat so that everyone knows the mass weight that the boat can take, if you cross this line it is not safe and there is a possibility that the boat may sink

What happens if the plimsoll line is below the level of the water?

The plimsoll line is a reference mark painted on the bow of a ship. If the line is below the water level, the ship is overloaded. There are lines for when on fresh water and when on salt water.

Another name for a ships level?

In the UK - the Plimsoll Line.

What is on the side of a ship?

The gunwales, the anchors, the name, and the Plimsoll line.

What thewhite line is called on the side of a ship?

plimsoll mark

How do you calculate the plimsoll load line of a boat?

the plimsoll line tells you when youve reached the loading limit on the ship(gross weight). Say its 20 000 tonnes, then youve displaced 20 000 tonnes of water (archemides principle). Where this equates to the water line on the hull is the plimsoll line. Variation due to water density and temperature will also be taken into account

What is a plimsoll mark on a boat and why is it on there?

Any of a set of lines on the hull of a merchant ship that indicate the depth to which it may be legally loaded under specified conditions. Also called load line, Plimsoll line.

Why do ships have a plimsoll line?

To tell how high or low the ship is resting in the water. Also by examining the plimsoll line you can see how heavy a load is that the ship is carrying and is sometimes used as a warning against overloading.

How does a plimsoll line work?

According to the International Load Line Convention, the Plimsoll mark is placed at the same level as the summer (or standard) minimum freeboard line. In standard conditions (summer, in sea water), if the vessel is loaded in such a way that the plimsoll mark is submerged, then it cannot sail. It is considered overloaded. This is done, of course, to protect the lives of the sailors on board.

What are plimsoll lines used for on ships?

because before they were invented people would over load their ships and the ship would end up sinking. but the plimsoll line stops people from over loading their ships so not many ships sank from then on. coment back please to say how helpful i was !

What are plimsoll lines used for today?

the plimsoll lines are what is on the side on a boat. when you fill a boat with heavy goods, the water can be no higher than the line otherwise the boat sinks.

Where can you find a plimsoll line?

Plimsoll lines are marked on the side of a ship to indicate maximum loading. This varies slightly depending on the season and the ocean, depending what type of ship it is.

Where would you find a plimsoil line?

Do you mean the plimsoll line then if so it's found on the outside of a ship to determine the water line.

What did Samuel Plimsoll invent?

Samuel Plimsoll (10 February 1825 - 3 June 1898) was a British politician and social reformer, now best remembered for having devised the Plimsoll line (a line on a ship's hull indicating the maximum safe draft, and therefore the minimum freeboard (nautical) for the vessel in various operating conditions).

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