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Q: Why was the shoe-lacing machine so important?
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Why are machine guns so close the bunkers?

So they can protect the important people in there

Why is an answering machine important to a company?

An answering machine would be very important because if someone was not available to answer calls, the person calling could get frustrated. So basically, it is good to have so people can know what to do whether its important or not.

What was so important to the wright brothers?

They wanted to make a flying machine

Why was the enigma machine so important?

as the english needed it to work out what the germans where comunicating to eachother.

Why is it important to keep office equipment clean and hygienic?

it is important so that all equipment is clean so that the next user comes to a machine that is clean and free from debry

What is the important of brush in DC machine?

The slip rings are the most important brush in DC machine.

What is a shredding machine?

A shredding machine is a device used to shred materials into small pieces or strips. It is commonly used to destroy confidential or sensitive documents, as well as to reduce the size of waste materials for disposal or recycling. Shredding machines come in various sizes and capacities depending on the specific application.

What is the most important machine in club penguin?

it is the poo making machine

Remove ink from washing machine?

You can use a sponge wet with rubbing alcohol to remove ink from a washing machine. It is important to rinse the sponge frequently so that you do not spread the ink around.

Why were machine guns important in Tudor time?

They were not important- they did not exist yet.

Why is it important to test the machine on a spare piece of fabric?

It is important to test the machine on spare piece of fabric to make sure that it sews properly.

Trench warfare became very important in World War 1 after of the invention of what weapon?

I think its machine gun ... Ugh yeh think so im only 14..