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Opposition to the New DealMany fiscal conservatives attacked the New Deal policies because of the tremendous cost. Others felt the government was becoming too big. Some of the New Deal agencies, like the TVA and REA, were opposed because conservatives felt they were socialistic. Big business also was concerned that the government was getting into production and distribution of things that were previously done by private business and industry. Groups like the American Liberty League were formed which accused FDR of trying to destroy the capitalistic (free enterprise) system. Some also felt that the executive branch was assuming too much power.
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Q: Why was there opposition to the New Deal?
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Who opposed Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the new deal?

basically all of the right which caused him to resort to the Second New Deal after opposition intensified

How did liberal and conservative critics differ in their opposition to the new deal?

The New Deal provided jobs for people who wouldn't have had them and improved the nation's infrastructure.

Why did Congress oppose some of Truman's Fair Deal policies?

Because in Congress, a new conservative coalition had arisen out of opposition to New Deal liberalism and FDR's internationalism.

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Was the 21st amendment in New Deal or in 2nd New Deal?

1st new deal

Was the economy act in New Deal or in second New Deal?

2nd new deal

Who tended to oppose New Deal programs?

While the New Deal programs were generally popular with the majority of Americans, most of the Republicans in congress opposed them. Some of their opposition was political-- President Roosevelt was a Democrat, and traditionally, politicians oppose many of the policies of the opposing party. Many of the Republicans who opposed the New Deal believed it was too expensive to implement, and that it would result in an expansion of government.

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new deal

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How did Eisenhower out do the New Deal?

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What is the name of the New Deal?

"New Deal" was its name.

Why British were so willing to pass new taxes in the face of colonial opposition?

why the British were so willing to pass new taxes in the face of colonial opposition?

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Why was Charles Evans hughes important?

Charles Evans Hughes was important for two reasons: his opposition as Chief Justice to the New Deal, and for reuniting the Republican Party during his candidacy for President in 1916.

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When did the New Deal happen?

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