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Q: Why was there such strong popular support for McCarthy's anti Communist crusade in the early 1950s?
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Why did the US to support popular elections in Vietnam in 1956?

The U.S. feared that Vietnam would vote for a communist government.

Who is the famous monk that helped support the second crusade and defend the poor?

Bernard of Clairvaux, a prominent French abbot and theologian, is known for his active support of the Second Crusade. He played a significant role in rallying support for the crusade and is credited with advocating for the defense of the poor and marginalized during his time.

There was an outpouring of support for the first crusade?

Because people were taught about religious beliefs that they had to adhere to because there would be serious punishment. so it was kind of an obligation to believe in religion. That's why there was a lot of support in the first crusade because people had to participate. This is what i think, i may be wrong

How was Mao zwdong able to win popular support for his fight against jiang jieshi?

He wasn't worried about "popular support " because he was a communist dictator. When a dictator takes over the country either goes with the program or die. He had work camps and reeducation camps for people who disagreed.

What ideology did Stalin support?

communist ideologies

Did china support us during Vietnam war?

No. The Communist government of China supplied limited and grudging support to the communist North Vietnamese government.

Why was there an outpouring of support for the first crusade?

because of the economic goals and religious motives.

Why was there such strong popular support for McCarthy's anticommunist crusade in the 1950's?

Senator Joseph McCarthy is most known for leading anti Communist movement in the United States during the Cold War, often accusing people of anti American activity with little to no basis for doing so. Americans during that time were deeply afraid of Communism, which allowed him to gain popularity.

Why did Crusade end?

Because the Popes lost the support of the gentry who was crusading. That, coupled with the failures of each Crusade and the inability to hold anything in the Holy Land for any period of time.

The united states refused to support popular elections in vietnam in 1956 because they?

Feared that Vietnam would vote for a Communist government.

Why did Eisenhower want to support South Vietnam?

they opposed the communist

Why didn't the US support Mao Zedong?

Mao was a communist.