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Tesla was a different kind of person, inventor and genius. He was a pioneer of electrical apparatus, methods,and principles which continue to influence every aspect of our electrical world.

He invented the alternation current generators that light up the world today. He also invented the electric car engine started. He came with the basis of wireless communication, radio, x rays and remote control.

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Q: Why was work of Nikola Tesla considered significatan?
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What degrees did Nikola Tesla earn?

He was properly called Dr. Nikola Tesla. He earn his doctorate by his work through his life.

What degree did Nikola Tesla get?

He was properly called Dr. Nikola Tesla. He earn his doctorate by his work through his life.

What year did Nikola Tesla invent the Tesla coil?

He got this work from 1885 to 1890.

What did Nikola do before he started inventing?

Nikola Tesla work at a telephone hardware company in Zagreb.

Who did Nikola Tesla work for before westinghouse?

He worked for edison.

How did Nikola Tesla invent the x ray?

Tesla could imaging things in his mind and put them to work.

What is a Tesla Ambassadors?

It is a group on Facebook that promotes Nikola Tesla's work. There are many Groups and Pages about Tesla and Free Energy; which was his dream.

Who did Nikola Tesla first work for when he came to the US?

He worked with Edison.

What branch or science did Nikola Tesla work in?

His inventions dealt with electricity.

Where was Nikola Tesla's work place?

When he entered the United States, much of his work was done in Colorado and New York. Nikola Tesla has other patents in other countries which the work was done in those countries.

What effect did Nikola Tesla work have on society?

Tesla converted the world from DC to AC despite sever opposition from Edison.

How did Nikola Tesla and guglielmo invent the radio?

Tesla had it first. A mysterious fire put that on hold but it was known because he did lectures on the radio. Marconi used 17 patents granted to Tesla to make his radio. Tesla let him go ahead and work his company but the patent was granted to nikola Tesla.