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Was there an older movie of man in the iron mask made?

1928 1939 1977 television 1998

Was the man in the iron mask Louis brother?

Besides the movie, it's true that there was a real "man in the iron mask" and is even mentioned in the Memoirs of Mme du Barry. He is disputed to be either the Duc de Vermandois, a twin brother of Louis XIV, or an elder brother of Louis XIV. However, it should be noted that the "Iron Mask" wasn't an iron mask at all. It was a simple mask of black velvet.

Was Cameron diaz a model?

yes!! she was she wasnt a very famous model but she did well. but she did brilliant as an actress her first movie was the mask she was the leading actress in that one

Who is phillipes brother from the movieThe Man in the Iron Mask?

it was only in the movie but yes he had a twin brother and he was louis (idk the number) not in real life or at least not a twin.

Who is the costume designer for the movie the mask?

who is the costume designer in the movie Mask

What was the colour of the mask in the movie the mask?


In the movie the mask what is the name of the bearer of the mask?

Stanley Ipkiss

Did Cleopatra have a death mask?

yes she did but it wasnt as posh as tuts death mask it was made out of gold and they all think that the Romans took it and had sex with it , a tramp shaged it how rank

Why is Kane without the mask bigger and taller than Kane when he wore the mask?

because his older now.

Do they sell an actual copy of a mask from the movie ''The Mask''?


Whose face was used to make the V for Vendetta mask?

The face used to make the mask for the movie "V for Vendetta" was a mask known as a "Guy Fawkes" mask. Since the release of the movie, this mask has become wide spread and popular.

Who is Tobi bihind the mask?

Madara, Obito or Madara's brother.

Why do you think is the movie entitled The man in the iron mask?

Watch the movie. He is imprisoned and forced to wear an actual iron mask.

What was the name of the motorcycle club in the movie mask?

"The Turks" is the biker club in the movie "Mask" aka "The Rocky Dennis story".

Who was the boy on MASK?

who payed the boy in the MASK movie with Cher and Sam Elliot

What is Cher's best movie?


When did Jason get his hockey mask?

He gets the hockey mask in the third Friday the 13thmovie.

How much is a mask worn in the first star wars movie worth?

Depends what mask it is.

Where can you find a brilliant mask?

You can find a very nice mask at Great Bay ,Goron city and the Dark Temple. Great Bay:Zora's Mask Goron City:Gorons Mask Dark Temple:Eldaphas Mask (Gives power of darkness and makes you 20 years older)

What was the first Halloween mask made from in the Halloween movie?

It was a William Schatner mask painted white.

What gas mask is in my bloody valentine?

It is a modified Russian GP-7V gas mask. In the movie, the intake hose and exhale piece have been switched. Normally, air is taken in through the side of the mask. In the movie, the breathing tube attaches to the bottom of the mask.

What was the first Goosebumps movie?

the haunted mask

What is the title of a 1985 Cher movie?

The Mask

Jim Carrey starred in this movie?

The Mask

How did Michael Myers Get his mask?

In the beginning of the 1978 movie, he kills Judith with a clown mask that came with his clown costume. It is likely he got his actual mask in the 1978 movie from the hardware store where he also got the rope and knife. In the remake movie of 2007, Judith's boyfriend, Steven Haley, brings the mask over to their house. Michael wears that mask when he kills Judith in the 2007 movie. After being locked up in the asylum, he creates his own paper mache masks until he breaks out and retrieves the mask from his old house.