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nail polish is hydrophobic and will not dissolve in water.

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Q: Why water is cannot rub nailpolish?
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Related questions

Can you get nailpolish out of carpet?

Yes! getting a nailpolish stain can be removed by first dabbing the carpet with a non-acetone nailpolish remover. IF that does not completely remove the stain, then spray some Windex on the stain and rub with a clothe.

Why can acetone dissolve nail polish but water cannot?

because acetone is tihn i think and yes nailpolish can dessolve in water like dat dah u fool

Why can't water remove nail polish?

The reason why water can't remove nailpolish is because water doesn't have a special chemical inside it to remove nailpolish. I don't know what the chemical is called, but you can always go to the nail polish store or go to CVS to find nailpolish remove stuff.

How do you remove nailpolish from a laptop computer?

You could try using nail polish remover, and if it doesn't work try a damp cloth not to damp and rub it gently on the area.

How do you get nailpolish out of leather?

try nailpolish remover...

How do you remove nailpolish from carpet?

Firstly put COLD water on it then put nail polish remover on it

Dose soking your fingars in warm water to get nailpolish off your skin actually work?


How do you get nailpolish out of your hair?

whipe the strands of youre hair with nailpolish remover

What is in nailpolish remover that makes it so effective at removing nailpolish?


What is a manicure and a pedicure?

A Manicure is nailpolish on the hands... Pedicure is nailpolish on the feet =)

Do mood nailpolish work?

most mood nailpolish does not work but ONLY some does

What is acetate used in?

acetate is in nailpolish acetate is in nailpolish

How can nailpolish stay on your fingernails?

nailpolish chips off because the oil in your fingernails make air bubbles and chip the polish. you can buy creams for that or use a base coat befor applying nailpolish

Can you rub sperm on wife body in Islam?

No you cannot

Is nailpolish remover and rubbing alcohol the same?

no nailpolish remover(well the good kind) has acetone in it

How do you get nailpolish off without using nailpolish?

First soak it in water for 15-20 min. Then try to scratch it off with your thumb. If u don't have nails use a sharp object to scratch it off. Actually just use nail polish remover

How do you remove nailpolish?

with nailpolish remover or if u pick at them for a while or if u let it come off itself

Why nailpolish dissolved when acetone is added?

Nailpolish is an organic material soluble in a non polar solvent.

Who invented nailpolish?

Clark macneal a chinese spokes mAN invented nailpolish using ingredients i cant exsplain

What removes nailpolish from stained wood?

you cant remove nailpolish from stained wood with out bleach stained the color of you wood

How do you clean sandstone?

DON'T USE WATER!!!!!! use a dry cloth and rub gently DO NOT RUB HARD!!! if you rub hard it will disintergrate!!!!!

Does Leonardo DiCaprio like women who wear nailpolish?

Yes. Like all men he finds it sexy when a woman wears nailpolish.

How do you keep nailpolish on for longer?

Use a base coat and a top coat. Any nailpolish would last loner on your nails with this tip.

How do you put nailpolish on with just the nailpolish?

apply two coats and then make sure you dont get out of the finger lines!!!! Leave it to dry and then your done

How can you clean a tarnished ring?

Get a qtip and put nailpolish remover on it and put it in a little cup with water in it and put the ring in 4 1 hour.