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German rockets and all bombs could not be dropped precisely on locations because they did not have that capability during World War Two. It wasn't until the Viet Nam War when the armed forces had missiles that could get within 10 feet of the place they wanted to strike. Now we have the smart bombs and missiles that can hit targets within a few feet. We can also tell the missile or bomb when to take off and where to strike.


By today's standards, the V1 and V2 rockets weren't successul. But they caused a great deal of fear and destruction. It is estimated the V2 alone caused 8938 deaths and 25,000 were seriously injured. Over 3000 were launched and about 500 doodlebugs hit London and other targets.

Rocket technology was still in its infancy and was not reliable. It was new and untested. Like all new technology, they didn't work correctly at first.

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Q: Why were German rockets so ineffiective in world war 2?
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What were the German rockets developed during World War 2?

They were called V-2 Rockets.

What were the V-1 and V-2?

German rockets directed at Southern England during World War 2.

Was Apollo 11 the first rocket to launch space?

No there were many rockets launched into space before the Apollo program.The first rockets that went into space were German made V2 rockets from the Second World War.

Who was German designer of the that helped the US develop rockets for its space program after World War 2?

Wernher von Braun .

What did Newcastle have to do during World War 2?

Newcastle was an industrial center, and as a result was bombed by the German Air Force and V1 rockets.

What kind of rockets were larger and improved versions of the German V-2 rockets from World War II?

The US Army's Redstone was a direct descendent of the V-2, designed by Werner von Braun.

What is the name of the two rockets were sent in word war 1 from america to japan?

No rockets were sent to Japan by any country in America in World War 1

Where was the space race?

The space race was between the Soviet Union (Russia) and the United States. Both the US and the USSR captured German scientists that worked on rockets for World War II.

What did Germany invented during World War 2?

rockets and jets

Which Allies used rockets in World War 2?

At various times they all used rockets, however the Katyusha rockets used by the USSR were popular, common and effective.

Why was Britain in World War 2 hell?

Due to repeated Bombings by the Luftwaffe (German Airforce) and with the invention of V-1 and V-2 rockets, England was constantly being bombarded from afar.

What is German for World War I?

"der Erster Weltkrieg" is the correct German term for "World War one"